3 Shopify apps essential to your omnichannel brand strategy

With 6000+ apps on the Shopify store, we've picked the three apps essential to your omnichannel brand strategy.

By Robert Woo

Mar 4, 2022

4 best review apps for Shopify Plus

Posting product feedback from customers is a must-have in today's online market. We've compiled a list that walks you through actionable tactics and highlights the best review apps for Shopify Plus to get your review campaign up and running.

By Nick Veneris

Feb 16, 2022

4 Shopify Plus Apps to Grow Your Community and Increase Loyalty

We’ve highlighted the four most popular Shopify Plus apps that can help you strengthen your bond with your customers.

By Nick Veneris

Dec 22, 2021

3 Next-Gen Shopify Apps You Need to Track the Growth of Your Salespeople

Retail and omnichannel brands have to constantly keep a pulse on their sales numbers.  So, what can you do to track the growth of your salespeople without creating more work?
This guide will review the top three next-gen Shopify apps that you can use to do just that – let’s dive in!

By Leigh Sevin

Dec 17, 2021
clienteling apps that scale

Best Practices

How to Find a Shopify Clienteling App That Can Scale With Your Business

Clienteling solutions make it easy for your sales teams to build relationships with customers efficiently without sacrificing personalization. Learn how to identify which apps in the market are right for your retail business.

By Leigh Sevin

Nov 19, 2021

Modern Retail

The Top 3 Shopify Plus Apps your Shopify-Powered Brand Needs for Modern Retail

A short list of the best Shopify Plus apps your Shopify-powered store needs to grow your modern clienteling initiatives.

By Casey Drake

Oct 13, 2021
Shopify Plus App Certification

From The Founders

Endear is Shopify Plus's First Clienteling App - Find Out Why

Endear became Shopify Plus's first-ever certified clienteling app. Here's why we care and why you should too.

By Leigh Sevin

Jul 26, 2021

Best Practices

10 Best CRMs for Shopify Merchants

Choosing the best CRM for your Shopify store doesn't have to be difficult. This guide will review everything from what a CRM is and why it is important to what the top omnichannel CRM options are. Keep reading to learn more!

By Leigh Sevin

Feb 24, 2021
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Modern Retail

The Best Shopify Stores That Engage Customers Through Both E-Commerce & POS

Discover 13 remarkable e-commerce businesses using Shopify to expand their online businesses to physical retail, and learn the advantages of their decision.

By Leigh Sevin

May 19, 2020
man walking with red shopping bags

Modern Retail

How to Enable Curbside Pick-Up with Shopify (and Who Already Is)

Learn about the benefits of curbside pick-up and how to offer the service at your retail store

By Leigh Sevin

May 8, 2020