Recommend products from anywhere to grow sales and average order value

Share curated, shoppable product stories that let customers browse, add to cart, and checkout directly from your text or email.

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Creating and tracking a Shoppable Story from Endear

Share products you know they'll love and increase AOV by 11%

With customer data at your fingertips, you can drag-and-drop the right products into your stories to ensure a sale. Plus, Endear syncs all your products in real-time so you can create a personalized selection directly from your inventory.

See what your customers will see when you send them a Shoppable Story

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Send recommendations through their favorite channel and start a conversation

No more spending social media dollars to entice customers you already have. Utilize your first-party data to share products directly with clients through email, text, and WhatsApp. Then let customers easily reply with any product-related questions.

A curated personalized shopping experience from Endear.

Curate a personalized shopping experience with just a few clicks

Easily share new collections, items on sale, or follow-up after a styling appointment with all of their favorites. Shoppable Stories let your customers browse through items, add to cart, and checkout directly from your message.

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Endear's Shoppable Stories
 vs. Other Messaging Platforms

A powerful yet easy-to-use interface

The ease of Shoppable Stories gives your team the power to capitalize on any down-time in the store. Let them recommend products remotely in between helping customers in person.

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Shoppable Stories are the smartest way to recommend products remotely, with results that speak for themselves


Increase in order frequency. Customers contacted via Endear typically buy more than twice as often as they have historically.


Increase in average order value. Customers spend 27% more each time they purchase after being contacted by an Endear user.


Average ROI on the cost of an Endear subscription. Endear users typically see new revenue within their first week on the platform.

See a Shoppable Story in action

"Endear has helped not only grow our revenue but our client outreach... The perfect database to help our clientele needs!"

Brooke F., Store Manager @ Judith Bright

See Shoppable Stories in action

Request a walkthrough of the platform to see how curated product stories can drive revenue for your brand, and learn more about our free trial.