About Us

Endear is on a mission to change the way the retail industry thinks about sales. Join us as we expand the way you grow your business.

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The Problem

Founders Leigh Sevin and Jinesh Shah began working on Endear in 2018 when they noticed how little the retail industry had changed its sales strategy. While e-commerce had pushed many brands into the next frontier of marketing and customer success, salespeople were still confined to the in-store experience, relying on pen & paper and their own tenacity in order to build relationships with customers. Associates' limited access to resources and their inability to earn credit for online sales highlighted how broken the retail sales model was.

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The Solution

As retail's first omnichannel CRM, Endear empowers salespeople to do their best work over remote channels like email and text when face-to-face selling is slow or simply not an option. With Endear's messaging platform, sales teams can reach out to more customers without sacrificing their personal touch while the app tracks how this outreach converts into sales online and in-store so that brands can reward salespeople for their efforts.

What's Next

With the arrival of COVID-19, Endear has become an even more critical resource to brands by demonstrating that a sales team does not need a store to do its job. With more and more brands seeking Endear's services to help keep retail associates employed and engaged, there has never been a more obvious time for the industry to embrace innovation, and the Endear team is dedicated to leading the charge on what that innovation should look like.

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