Extend appointments from end to end

Easily schedule and maintain appointments, follow up after an interaction, and recommend more products they'll love - all in one place.

Endear appointment booking

Your booking tool is our booking tool

We proudly support one-click integrations with virtually any appointment scheduling platform. This means you can make sure all your current appointments and appointment history are available, and rely on Endear to continue the conversation.

We've got communication covered

Text, email, and WhatsApp with clients surrounding their appointment with only the most important and personalized communication. Plus, leave notes for you or your team directly on customer profiles to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Send customers appointment confirmations from their dedicated stylist and build rapport ahead of time to know exactly what they're looking for before they arrive.

Follow Up

Easily thank customers for coming in and follow-up with a curated lookbook of all the products they saw during the appointment.


No sale that time? No problem. Re-engage clients after appointments and build loyalty to make sure they have the confidence to buy or buy again.

appointment booking

From the Blog: How top brands leverage appointments to drive traffic and Revenue

Visit the Endear blog to learn how brands are counting on appointments to capture online visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

A Curated Shopping Experience - Every Time

Endear's lookbook builder lets you create personal, curated shopping experiences for your clients based on their order history or styling appointments.

Why It Works


Customers who engage with a store associate are 43% more likely to purchase.


Interacting with an associate yields an 81% higher order value.


Customers who shop with an associate are 12% more likely to visit again.

Put The Personal Back In Personal Styling

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Premium Customer Service

Give every customer a personal stylist they can reach at anytime, whether shopping in-store or online.

Sharing insights with customers illustration

Quality Relationships

Get to know customers more quickly and share insights across teams so clients enjoy the same personal experience no matter where they shop.

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Smarter Merchandising

Know what items are popular among customers and zip codes to inform what products to offer next.