3 Next-Gen Shopify Apps You Need to Track the Growth of Your Salespeople

Retail and omnichannel brands have to constantly keep a pulse on their sales numbers.  So, what can you do to track the growth of your salespeople without creating more work?
This guide will review the top three next-gen Shopify apps that you can use to do just that – let’s dive in!

Written by

Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder @ Endear


1. Endear

When it comes to apps that can help you manage your sales team and their growth, Endear tops the charts. Simply put, Endear empowers retail teams with the data and features to strengthen their relationships with customers. It is a customer relationship management system that is designed specifically for retail, combining smart and user-friendly tools to help you oversee your entire sales operation. 

Personalized Messaging

For example, you can use Endear to strategically organize your customers by segment. The app allows you to analyze customer behavior, order history, and other valuable metrics to ensure the right team member is reaching out to them. 

Likewise, you can manage all communications through one centralized platform. Whether your sales team chooses to connect with customers via email, Watsapp, or SMS, Endear helps them customize their message to drive conversions. 

Built-In Analytics

Another benefit of this Shopify app is that it has store analytics built right into it. That means you don’t need to worry about exporting files or data and manually creating reports elsewhere! The platform provides you with reports on everything from sales to messaging – you can see various metrics on open rates, which types of messages are succeeding, and what products are selling best. 

Endear also gives you data about the performance of your sales associates across channels. In other words, it takes omnichannel sales tracking to the next level. Use the platform to see where and what your customers are buying and see how every member of your team is driving those conversations.

These resources can help you motivate your team to achieve their sales goals while also giving you control over performance management. Think about it this way, if you know where the sale occurred, who facilitated it, and what was purchased, you can improve goalsetting and reward results.

2. POS Time Clock & Scheduling

POS Time Clock & Scheduling is a next-generation Shopify app that helps businesses manage their employees. It is the leading platform for both POS and online stores when it comes to scheduling and time management. 

This app supports sales growth by making it easy for you to manage payroll processing. It has tools to simplify tracking for salaried and hourly employees, commissions, and more. Here are some of the ways you can use POS Time Clock & Scheduling can support your team:

  • Manage opening and closing checklists directly from your POS dashboard
  • Get notifications in real-time when tasks are completed
  • Calculate commissions and track sales performance
  • Manage and synchronize all employee timesheets

These are just a few of the features available with this next-gen Shopify app. Not only does it allow your employees to clock in or clock out with one simple click, but it also improves the scheduling process to minimize absenteeism and miscommunication.

Managers can use this platform to edit, export, and approve timesheets so that they can spend more time doing value-added tasks in your business. Likewise, everything on the tool is self-branded so you can include your company name, logo, and other identifying features in timesheets and reports. 

Payroll processing can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be when you use the POS Time Clock & Scheduling application. It lets you manage multiple locations and different payroll types with ease – and if you need help, they have a support team on standby to provide you with the best solution.

3. Better Reports

Better Reports is another Shopify application built to track sales growth and support your team. With more than 60 built-in reports, you will have no shortage of data or ways to measure your success. After creating the reports you need, you can share them via email, export them, or upload them to your Google Drive. 

Choose KPIs Relevant to your Brand

Not every metric or variable is relevant to your business, and this tool allows management to focus on those that make sense. For instance, you can track inventory, sales, affiliates, channels, and more. Narrow your analysis further by sorting and filtering by any field. 

Customize your Reports

This application makes it easy to customize reports to meet your unique business needs. Simply use the drag and drop designer to build your ideal report - or let the application do it for you! Totals and custom fields are also simple to incorporate to maximize the effectiveness of your analysis. 

Better Reports even allow you to create an automatic schedule to push your reports out to management and team leads – or you can run them on demand!