Unlock retail performance with real-time Business Insights

Use data to make better business decisions and drive sales, enhance customer experiences, and outperform your competition.

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Harness Business Insights to track and boost performance

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Explore insights

Endear's Insights dashboard summarizes the effectiveness and engagement of all your campaigns and 1:1 outreach.

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Track high-level metrics

Quickly review the number of clicks, replies, conversions, total sales, and more resulting from your teams’ outreach.

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Compare performance

Compare performance by salesperson, location, or channel to see who and what is driving revenue each month.

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Export your learnings

Export Endear reports for a closer look at individual and team performance, then easily share it across internal teams.

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Motivate your team

Use data to incentivize salespeople across in-store and online, encouraging them to extend their retail skills beyond the store.

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Build custom reports

Manage your team's sales attribution strategy based on your unique needs and business goals.

Endear tracks the data points you need for increasing sales, customer engagement, and ROI

  • Open & click rate

  • Reply rate

  • Conversion rate

  • Average order value by customer

  • Total sales by customer

  • Days to convert by customer

  • Total orders

  • Messages sent by store team

  • Messages sent by team member

Learn the 5 essential metrics you need to track for successful clienteling

The analytics have helped us track where our marketing dollars are going, and it’s clear that Endear drives sales to our website and in store shop.

The Great Eros

All your real-time and historic data in one CRM

By integrating your tech stack and consolidating all your data into one solution, you’re able to easily view and access every customer touchpoint - no matter where it's collected.

Endear Analytics & Attribution

All your consumer data, all in one place

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Sell smarter with Endear

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