4 Shopify Plus Apps to Grow Your Community and Increase Loyalty

We’ve highlighted the four most popular Shopify Plus apps that can help you strengthen your bond with your customers.

Written by

Nick Veneris, Director of Content @ Endear


By creating accounts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it seems easy to build a business. All you need to do is advertise online and maybe you can sell a product or two, right? 

There’s a lot more that goes into making your brand stand out, though. It comes down to how you cultivate community and turn your customers into evangelists for your brand. 

Shopify Plus brands have access to several different loyalty apps that can help business owners grow their reach, boost customer loyalty, and focus on retaining buyers.

1. Endear

The most effective customer retention platform on Shopify Plus is Endear. We are the first – and only – clienteling application that is certified for Shopify Plus brands, and we offer many features designed with business growth and customer retention in mind. 

The goal is to help your sales team enhance their omnichannel clienteling capabilities by providing a one-stop-shop for personalized messaging, product recommendations, customer analytics, and more.

How Does it Work?

Endear is a cloud-based solution that connects directly to your Shopify account. It stores your customer data, inventory details, and other essential information so that your sales team can make proactive contacts directly from the app. 

For example, you can access cross-channel customer profiles to ensure that you know exactly what someone purchased, whether it happened in the store or online. With this data, you can send a personalized message, product recommendation, or coupon to encourage them to place another order. 

Similarly, you can easily design and attach look-books tailored to that unique client – and they can see them right in the email or text message!

It has centralized SMS and email messages, so your associates do not need to worry about switching between systems to engage with your audience. Likewise, the sales tracking features ensure you can measure your success and determine what is working – as well as which strategies need additional support. 

Your team can send out messages one at a time or in bulk, and they can even manage these communications through a mobile device! All results are linked to specific team members too, so you can reward those that generate the most revenue and gain valuable performance insights.

Endear is available through a monthly subscription, and their team is on standby to help you use the tool successfully. 

Growing your Brand Community with Endear

Companies like Rebag, Anine Bing, Mizzen + Main, and other top brands are already leveraging Endear to grow their customer communities. The outreach features make it easy for them to stay in touch via text and email, and the reports on conversions and sales allow them to fine-tune their strategy. 

Most users find the tool quick to implement and can see real results in even the first few months. It is ideal for retail brands that are looking for different ways to engage with their consumers, manage communications through their clients’ preferred channels, and drive sales.

2. Aspire

Another helpful Shopify Plus app is Aspire. This influencer marketing platform help eCommerce brands connect with affiliates and build a community of creators and network marketers. By cultivating this community and using influencers to engage with consumers, brands can drive sales and boost retention. 

Understanding the Application

So, how does the Aspire application work? 

The first step is to create landing pages that you can use to invite brand ambassadors and influencers to partner with your company. You can then access one of the largest creator marketplaces so that you can immediately search for influencers that align with your brand and aesthetic. 

Filter more than 6 million creators by interest, demographic, and more, and use our provided influencer proposals to reach out to them. Aspire even allows you to use social listening tools to communicate with those who mention your products online.

Once you have influencers on your team, you can use Aspire to create unique workflows for each of them. This eliminates any confusion and ensures they know what to do at each step. Similarly, the platform allows you to automate shipping and tracking so there is no need to manually send them products. 

Calculating ROI is essential regardless of the marketing strategy you use – and Aspire provides full-funnel data analytics to support this analysis. You can track real revenue throughout the sales funnel, from awareness and consideration to the final purchase. 

In other words, you can capture the entire journey from social to sale in one place!  As such, you can determine which influencers to reinvest in and how to adjust your commission-based payouts.

Who are Their Customers?

Aspire targets brands that need to drive sustainable ROI through community marketing while reducing their spending on paid ads. Companies that use this tool can streamline the search for brand partners and accurately measure the business impact of each – which is crucial for scaling your ambassador programs. 

Companies like Coola, Newell, Glossier and more use Aspire to not only develop more genuine relationships with their influencers but also to automate and scale many of their processes.

3. Dovetale

Are you looking for a Shopify app that can help you grow your team of influencers? If so, then Dovetale may be right for you. This platform helps businesses that use Shopify to recruit, manage, and expand their affiliate marketing efforts.

They offer scalable solutions for product seeding, gifting, affiliate offer tracking, payments, and more. That’s why it’s no surprise that thousands of Shopify merchants are using Dovetale to improve customer loyalty, expand their network of ambassadors, and boost their bottom line. 

How does Dovetale Work?

When you use Dovetale, you can create a community page that serves as the ideal destination for customers and influencers alike. Here you can talk about the benefits of joining your community, the perks they can access, and what the application process looks like.

That means you no longer need to send complicated application forms and manually track the status of each one in a spreadsheet – Dovetale can manage it all in one place. The built-in data collection tools provide influencers and potential applicants with a seamless experience and ensure that they don’t get frustrated with the process halfway through. 

Here are some of the other features included with Dovetale:

  • Review applications and accept members into your community with just a few clicks
  • Easily send samples, gifts, and discount codes to your influencer network
  • Monitor affiliate dales and commissions by the member so you know who is driving results
  • Track and send payments to your community members for their affiliate commissions

You may be wondering, how much does this comprehensive application cost? Dovetale is unique because they offer a free option that you can use to get started. As you go, you can add additional features and capabilities and the pricing plans are based on these extra tools. In other words, you only pay for what you need and can customize your pricing to meet any budget.

How Can It Help You Drive Loyalty?

Large companies like Honeylove and Kettle & Fire are already using Dovetale to drive customer loyalty. Their customers are satisfied with their brand interactions, but so are their influencers – which means less turnover and more consistent ROI. 

Other companies have used the tool to scale their affiliate programs, boost efficiency, and improve the overall success of their network marketing efforts.

4. Yotpo

Yotpo is another top application for customer retention and loyalty. Their platform gives businesses the tools they need to create a successful loyalty and referral program. These programs are some of the biggest drivers of engagement and repeat purchases. 

How Does it Work?

If you are a Shopify Plus member, you can access Yotpo and use their tools individually or combined as a suite. The goal is to create an on-brand and seamless customer experience, drive repeat purchases, and turn your existing buyers into evangelists for your brand. 

Use this application to create a custom reward and referral program that helps you engage with your existing customers and reach new audiences. The tool offers several campaigns out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about building it from scratch. 

These loyalty and referral rewards help you incentivize any valuable action – whether that be social follows, reviews, purchases, or referrals. The reward offerings are diverse enough to motivate many different types of consumers since some may prefer coupons and discounts while others may opt for free shipping. 

The platform even allows you to run time-sensitive campaigns to ensure that your customers are keeping this program top of mind. Schedule these campaigns in advance to drive sales, advertise new products, and more!

What Brands Use This Application?

When it comes to well-known clients, this Shopify Plus app leads the pack. Their customer base includes companies like Chubbies, Steve Madden, Soko Glab, Brooklinen, and more. These retail brands are leveraging Yotpo to drive engagement, incentivize their customers to make additional purchases, and make better revenue-driving decisions.