hopify launched its all-new POS this week even while most retail stores remain shut. Nevertheless, both Shopify and stores themselves are making strides to address customer needs, with a particular focus on the advantages of curbside pick-up.

What Is Curbside Pick-Up

Curbside pick-up is essentially drive-thru for retail: it enables customers to pick up online orders at stores in a safe and time-efficient manner - typically without even leaving their car. Especially when holidays like Mother's Day are approaching, curbside pick-up guarantees customers that they'll have their products on time (and with no shipping cost!) In a period when delivery windows have gone back to what they were before Amazon forced 2-day shipping on everyone, this alternative looks pretty appealing.

While efforts to offer customers the option to buy online and pick up in store, or BOPIS, to customers has been a growing trend, the number of transactions that fit this profile has surged 208% in the first three weeks of April compared to the same time last year. Even once stores re-open, they will likely limit their occupancy in order to ensure that visitors are able to keep a safe distance from one another. Curbside services will therefore continue to play a role similar to the one take-out plays already in the hospitality business, allowing those who have already placed their orders to retrieve them without even entering the store.

How to Offer Curbside Pick-Up

With this new trend continuing to gain traction, no retailer should be left behind. It should surprise no one that big-box retailers such as Kohls, Nordstrom, and Home Depot quickly launched this service once stores had to close. But as usual, Shopify has made sure that smaller brands and retailers can also participate in recouping the kind of traffic and sales that comes with offering customers more ways to shop. If you're on Shopify, you can learn about how to offer curbside pick-up to your customers on their help center.

Who is Offering Curbside Pick-Up Already

Below are some of our favorite fashion brands & retailers currently offering curbside pick-up:

Neighborhood Goods: In addition to offering free shipping and delivery via Postmates, Neighborhood Goods is offering curbside pick-up at its Plano location. You can read more about their decision on their blog here.

Ulla Johnson: Ulla Johnson launched their curbside pickup this week for their store in Amagansett. Customers can also coordinate their pickups through phone, email or DM :)

LoveShackFancy: Along with offering online styling services, LoveShackFancy is also encouraging customers to pick up items directly at their West Village, Sag Harbor and Palm Beach locations.

Uncommon James: Founder Kristen Cavalari announced that her brand Uncommon James would be offering curbside pick-up at their Chicago store over Instagram last week.

Veronica Beard: With the exception of its Greene street location in NYC, all of Veronica Beard's stores are open for curbside pickup, as well as face-time appointments and home delivery.

Thom Sweeney: Luxury menswear brand is offering curbside pick-up at its store in Soho in NYC.

Fitness Hub Shop: Luxury activewear boutique Fitness Hub Shop is offering both private shopping appointments and curbside pickup for purchases in conjunction with their online store.

Anine Bing: Coming soon!

Birdies: Coming soon!

How to use Endear with Curbside Pick-Up

While Shopify makes it easy for customers to opt in to curbside pick-up at check-out, the next step is actually helping customers coordinate their pick-up. With Endear, any retail team can easily share logistics and info with customers over email or text, even enabling customers to text in when they're ready to retrieve their items. If you'd like to learn more about how to use Endear to fulfill these kinds of orders, reach out to us any time on our website or at support@endearhq.com.

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