Endear release notes
Endear release notes

Announcing the redesigned Endear iOS & Android Apps




We're so excited to be launching our new universal Endear app on iOS, Android & web. Some of the improvements you can look forward to include:

  1. A universal app across all devices & browsers. This means every feature will come to every app on day one of launch
  2. Our first Android app
  3. Improved & more reliable push notifications support

To get started, download the apps on your devices:

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Install on Android

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Introducing Campaign Recipes




Starting today, it's even easier to get started with Campaigns. Endear provides a wide selection of purpose-built recipes to create campaigns without needing to setup everything yourself.

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Customizable email signatures and opt-out text




Customize the default email signature and opt out text per-team

Starting today, you can customize the default email signature and opt out text for messages on a per-team basis. This will enable teams with different languages to set different text to provide their customers the most localized experience possible

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Klaviyo Integration




Start syncing customer marketing consent preferences from Klaviyo

Starting today, you can connect Endear to Klaviyo to sync opt-ins and unsubscribes. This data can be accessed with our new "Consented to Marketing" filter.

In the future, we plan to bring in all your events from Klaviyo to make it easier to build customer audiences with that data.

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Filter customers by campaigns




Start building more advanced segments by filtering customers by the campaigns they received in the past

Starting today, you'll see a new filter available on Customers called "Campaign of Message". This filter allows you to build segments of customers that were part of a previous campaign.

If you're looking to be a power user, you can use this filter to ensure customers only enter future campaigns if they were part of a previous one.

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Follow-ups Inbox




Easily follow up with customers that haven't replied

You may have recently noticed the new Follow-up Inbox in your Endear account. Starting today, you can click on your Follow-up inbox to view conversations with customers that have not yet replied to your original message.

The criteria for Follow-up are the following:

  1. The conversation is closed
  2. You are a participant in the conversation
  3. The last message in the conversation was outbound (sent to the customer)
  4. The customer clicked or opened the last message
  5. The last message was between 2-5 days ago

We hope this Follow-up inbox makes it easier to proactively reengage with customers in Endear.

Smart Metrics




Make Smarter Segments

As a part of our Smart Metrics initiative, we are releasing brand-level data analytics. Now when you filter your customers by Total Spent, Total # of Orders, or Average Order Value, we will show your brand customers’ average for these fields. We hope that these metrics will empower your team to create smarter segments to better personalize your customers' experience.

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Automated Campaigns




Scale your outreach without compromising on personalization

After soliciting feedback from clients like you, we learned brands need an easy way to automate personalized 1:1 messages. Today we're excited to launch Automated Campaigns, as a way for your sales teams to focus on selling without being bogged down by manually sending messages.

Try scaling your conversations with Automated Campaigns by getting started below.

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Automatic smart merging of customers




Endear will now automatically find & merge duplicate customer profiles using a number of smart merging strategies

In addition to our existing strategy of merging customers by email address, Endear will also merge customers based on their name & phone number.

View all your support tickets in Endear




Starting today you can connect your support platforms to Endear

Endear's support integrations allow you to:

  1. View your all open & closed tickets for a customer
  2. Search and filter all of your support tickets
  3. Deep-link back into your support platform

To start, we're launching with Gorgias & Zendesk. We plan to launch support for Gladly & Intercom in the coming weeks.

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