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The Benefits of AI in Retail

77% of global companies are exploring AI for business. Learn how to use this technology as a tool for your brand.

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How to Leverage First-Party Data in Retail

There's a lot of data floating around. How can your retail brand leverage the first-party data you have in order to build robust customer profiles that drive bigger and more frequent sales? Learn now.

Endear's 3-Step Playbook for an Irresistible Clienteling Strategy

80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers. Get the Clienteling Playbook for irresistible strategies that can increase your customer base and average order value.

8 Text Campaigns ChatGPT Thinks You Should Be Sending

8 Text Campaigns ChatGPT Thinks You Should Be Sending

We prompted ChatGPT to generate 8 text message campaigns that midsize retail sales teams should send to promote loyalty, drive sales, and increase foot traffic to stores. Get all 8 and learn why you're leaving money on the table without them.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Personalized SMS Marketing

Truly personalized marketing can deliver a 5x to 8x greater return on spend, and can lift sales by 10% or more. Is your business doing it right? Get the guide to learn our dos and don’ts of personalized SMS marketing.

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7 Data-Driven Strategies to Win Repeat Business

Increasing retention by just 5% can boost retailers’ profit by as much as 95%. This guide sheds light on some of the data-driven strategies retailers can employ to focus those retention efforts, like how to best segment customers to ensure retainment and which messages drive the most reengagement and purchases.

The Retail Marketer's Ultimate Guide to the Customer Journey

Explore how to drive more sales and increase retention by properly guiding your customers on their retail journey.

Customer Service is Dead. Long Live Clienteling.

Explore our in-depth infographic to see why clienteling is king when it comes to retail sales.

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The Age of the Omnichannel Sales Associate

Learn how to modernize your retail sales team to rise to the occasion of post-COVID responsibilities and align with how your customers are shopping today.

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What is Store-level Marketing, Really?

Of course your retail store is responsible for sales. From time to time, however, you may need to market the store and its offerings in order to get those sales, like a special promotion for locals or hosting an in-store event. Learn where your centralized marketing team should drop off and where your sales team should pick up.