The Top 3 Shopify Plus Apps your Shopify-Powered Brand Needs for Modern Retail

A short list of the best Shopify Plus apps your Shopify-powered store needs to grow your modern clienteling initiatives.


In July 2021, after a rigorous application process, the Shopify Plus Certified App Program welcomed three apps to their ranks: Endear, Marsello, and Dor. After recognizing retail technology as a growing category all it's own, Shopify Plus created a new sector (titled Retail and POS) for Shopify Plus merchants to explore when searching for certified apps to enhance their POS experience. Below, we walk through what makes these certified apps great and why they're our top picks for any Shopify Plus merchant.

1. Endear

Core purpose: the all-in-one clienteling app for retail sales teams on Shopify Plus

This comes as no surprise, but Endear is at the very top of our list of retail marketing apps I would recommend to any Shopify Plus brand. Whether a brand is just starting out, or has been in the retail game for decades, they should be able to see their customer data, stay organized, and manage customer outreach all in one place.

Plus, Endear is the first and only clienteling app certified for Shopify Plus merchants. Its CRM and messaging platform is made especially for sales teams in retail and tracks how messages convert into sales, both in-store and online. Endear directly connects with your Shopify Plus POS for a seamless feed of customer data and order history. Retail sales teams are empowered to utilize that data to manage, message, and sell to their clients - whether they shop in store or online. With foot traffic constantly a challenge, it’s vital for sales team to be able to sell and recommend products digitally; Endear puts that power into the hands of retail sales teams everywhere.

More than that, Endear gives retail management the ability to track store performance and manage stores at scale. Endear tracks outreach and compares performance by salesperson, store location, or channel to see who and what is driving your brand’s revenue each month.

If you plan on using Shopify Plus, I would also plan on installing Endear.

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2. Marsello

Core purpose: the all-in-one marketing platform for Shopify Plus

Powered by Shopify Plus and your Point-of-Sale, Marsello is the only customer marketing software that integrates seamlessly in-store and online – the ultimate omnichannel marketing tool! By combining data-driven automation, email, SMS, and loyalty programs, Marsello can empower you to deliver targeted marketing that gets results. Results you can trust with closed-loop attribution that tracks your marketing against sales.

Brent Spicer, CEO at Marsello, explains why an omnichannel, customer-centric focus is essential:

Omnichannel retail is customer-centric – driven by the way that modern consumers want to shop. Customers research products to inform their purchase decisions. When they feel fully informed, they are able to make emotion-based decisions confidently and, finally, complete a purchase that they know they’ll love – even for transactional purchases. Making the most of your marketing channels means you’re able to inform and excite your customers and shoppers just like them, no matter where or how they like to shop.”

With an average return on investment of 98x, it’s no wonder why multi-channel retailers choose Marsello to run their marketing and deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience that gets results.

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3. Dor

Core purpose: Actionable foot traffic data on a powerful analytics platform.

Dor's first-of-its-kind, battery-powered thermal people counter counts the heat signatures of store visitors and is supported by its proprietary machine learning algorithms to maintain and increase the accuracy rates. Dor’s sensor is a peel-and-stick solution that uses cellular connection which makes it easy and secure to install. Dor customers can see their store’s peak hours and optimize their staff scheduling, integrate Dor into their POS systems and see the conversion rates of their customers and measure their marketing effectiveness by attributing the foot traffic data to their marketing campaigns.

Michael Brand, CEO at Dor:

“The value of data allows you to measure the impact of the changes you make to your store. There are a whole bunch of different experiments and tactics that stores are using to boost their foot traffic and increase the satisfaction of customers. But there is no way to pinpoint which hypotheses and experiments are working unless you have the data that can back it up. So, where Dor comes into place is it actually can tell you what’s working and what’s not in your store.”

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