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Deliver expert clienteling and track how conversations turn into sales, both in-store and online. Try for free for 14 days.

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Here's How It Works

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Offer A Personalized Experience, No Matter Where They Shop

Sell from the store, the office, or the comfort of your own home without losing that 1-on-1 connection.


Average return on the cost of your Endear subscription


Customer engagement rate on messages


Better conversion rate than email marketing

Here's How We're Different

A retail CRM made for Endear clienteling app

A CRM Made Just For Retail

The only retail CRM that works the way a sales team thinks. Target your customers based on their shopping behavior.

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Clienteling app for messaging conversation

Personalized Messaging

Connect with shoppers through two-way texts, emails, and shoppable lookbooks that feel like they were sent one by one.

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Omnichannel Sales Tracking

See which messages convert into sales, whether your customers purchase online or in-store.

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Clienteling At Your Fingertips

We're retail's premiere clienteling app. See how Endear equips your team with the tools needed to implement clienteling into any modern retail strategy.

How Anine Bing’s Pandemic Pivot Saved Jobs and Drove New Revenue

For Anine Bing, the decision to implement Endear was a game-changer. The company could count on their retail sales teams to continue driving revenue from home, and associates were learning in real-time how to translate their in-person skills into a digital experience.

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