Why Being Mobile Helps Retail Brands Drive Sales

Increase sales with remote clienteling and learn why your brand needs to connect with customers on the go in order to drive success.

Why Being Mobile Helps Retail Brands Drive Sales

When you see employees on their phones, do you think “they’re probably on Twitter,” or do you think “they’re probably being productive.” The latter may be more on the money than you think.

According to a report on maximizing mobile value, the majority of employees (63%) said their phones save them 30+ minutes in work time daily. As we pivot to an increasingly mobile workplace, getting real work done on handheld devices is becoming the norm.

That’s never been more true than with mobile CRMs, a fast growing segment of software for retail and other brands. In fact, the market for mobile CRMs is expected to grow 13% every year through 2029. This is because having your CRM on-the-go can make your sales associates more productive, as well as providing them the means to provide mobile clienteling.

Let’s look at all the ways that a mobile CRM can help your team be more productive and drive more sales.

Work Wherever

The traditional working-at-your-desk-from-9-to-5 lifestyle is quickly giving way to a more flexible form of work. Your sales and marketing team may even be entirely remote. Having a mobile app that syncs to the desktop app version of whatever program you’re using makes transitioning from desk to coffee shop easy.

That’s not to say employees must be online at all times, but rather that they can have more flexibility to be out of the office and not miss a beat. And because your CRM is designed to help your team be more productive, studies show that having your CRM accessible on your mobile device increases productivity by 14.6%. This directly translates to not only more sales, but better customer experiences.

Provide Mobile & Remote Clienteling

Clienteling is the secret sauce to drive sales in modern retail. Creating personal relationships with your customers increases not just order frequency, but increases the average order values as well. So the better clienteling your team can provide, the more sales your team can make.

A mobile CRM allows teams to access and update customer profiles directly from the sales floor (or wherever else). So if your rep is chatting with Sally in-store, they can access her previous purchase history to offer real-time product recommendations or inform her of new products that are soon to be in stock.

Having everyone’s information at the tap of a screen can be a huge boost to customer service, and help your team provide the best clienteling possible.

Mobile clienteling from Endear

Mobile clienteling from Endear

Send Pictures Instantly

A lot of retail brands interact with customers via text message in real-time, acting as a sort of remote personal shopper or style consultant. For example, apparel brand, Morley, has their team snap pictures of every product and share select items via SMS with attached images or, more effectively, as Shoppable Stories. This helped Morley see a 20% increase in revenue using Endear’s CRM.

A mobile CRM makes it simple to snap pictures and send them out to your customers on the fly, which is a boost to clienteling in real-time. Instead of having to search through a database or folder full of product photos, each sales associate can take new pictures at the request of the customer that they are currently messaging.

Speaking of messaging…

Make Texting Easier

As more brands embrace SMS marketing with thousands of customers, they need better ways of having these conversations aside from just their own personal texting app. Instead, texting through your mobile CRM makes it feel like they’re just texting from their phone, but each message can be tracked and cross-referenced by other team members and managers.

This helps keep SMS marketing messages on brand, makes them accessible so multiple team members can take over for each other, and allows associates to use filtering and segmentation to send out mass SMS campaigns.

Mobile CRMs also provide push notifications, so if there is a high-priority customer that needs support, someone on your team can be made aware immediately. Conversations won’t fall through the cracks for busy, smaller teams; helping to prevent customer churn and driving more sales.

Have Tools for the Next Generation of Associates

As more Gen Zers enter the workforce, retail brands need to upgrade their tools to enable productivity in new ways. They’re much more adept at device hopping, and are even more comfortable being productive from their mobile devices than Millennials. Why confine the next generation of workers to just laptops?

Your mobile CRM empowers new employees to work in the way they are used to, without sacrificing any features. As Jennifer Goldman, manager at Jenette Bras put it, “Our Fitters can be 23 years old, or on their 2nd or 3rd careers. We needed usability that could accommodate all those people.”

Endear has revamped our mobile CRM to provide retail teams with all the necessary features and tools to do more while on the go, for both Android and iOS. From better SMS to real time data to snapping & sharing product photos, our app has been engineered to help teams do more and drive more sales.

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