How Morley Beat Summer Slowdown with one word - Growth.

See how apparel brand, Morley, used Endear's segmenting capabilities and Stories feature to double-down on SMS and see a 30% increase in average order value.

Morley x Endear

About Morely

Shoppers and followers of the Morley brand know that when they step into their stores, they’re getting a taste of resort life. In fact, each Morley store sprinkled on the East Coast has its own unique “resort source” feel, providing high-end apparel and accessories that should come with a side of Mojito.

But despite clothing made for the summer sun, Morley has (as many retailers do) a summer slowdown of sales in the past. To combat this, they have been proactive about reaching out to customers and making sure not a single person in their database goes without some form of personal contact.

To learn more about how Morley leverages Endear to build these strong customer relationships that drive sales, we connected with Siobhan Boroian, Director of Sales at the Delray Beach, Florida location.

At a Glance: Morley's Endear Success


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Revenue Over Last Few Months


Increase in Revenue Year-Over-Year

Spelling ‘Customer Success’ with SMS

Since the beginning, communicating with clients via text message has been a core channel for Morley’s team. But as their business grew, so did their need to manage SMS on a mass scale.

“Outreach via texting customers has been a part of our sales associate and manager roles for the entirety of our 14-year business," Boroian told us. "Especially in the past five to six years. Then even more so due to COVID."

But they wanted to move their business toward using a CRM so they could maximize their texting efforts and reach people they couldn't normally reach. "We also want our branding to be consistent, and we can’t monitor the cell phones [of our associates], so we needed a new solution to oversee texting," she said.

"Now with Endear, our managers can easily see text conversations, align branding, align the images we use, and monitor the number of days it takes to follow up.”

Morley built up their SMS channel to allow them to power through the summer doldrums, connecting with customers in more personal ways to reveal new products and provide responsive service.

“When we’re slow, we can get to everyone [via texting], but when we’re busy we don’t have the time," Boroian explained. "With Endear, one person can create a campaign to thousands of customers with new arrivals. Or a stylist/associate can take five minutes to send a mass text to their clients."

Siobhan said the team also got into customer segmentation so they could send certain texts to specific segments. "We categorize by what [the shopper] gravitates toward in-store. For example, a certain type of person we call “Chic Missy” likes certain trends, but doesn’t have time to come in each week. Or “Sales Savvy” who loves shopping our trends. Segmenting is a way to mass text in a personal way.”

Siobhan also mentioned they frequently use Endear’s filters to create segments of customers. They use attributes like number of days since last in-store visit, 90 days since last purchase, date of last conversation, and those who bought product X or Y.

The organization of our data [in Endear] has been transformational.

Siobhan Boroian, Director of Sales @ Morley

Morley’s Results with Endear

Boroian shared Morley’s month-over-month and year-over-year numbers with us, and we were both thrilled with the increase in revenue. Overall, Morley saw a 20% revenue growth over the past few months using Endear, as well as a 30% year-over-year increase in both revenue and average order value.

“[The platform has] definitely driven sales," she told us. "We can see the sales tagged as Endear sales, and we’ve seen more people coming into stores more often due to the regular and consistent messaging." But since their store location is in a vacation destination like Delray Beach, Florida, it means many of their in-store clients are seasonal; they go back to where they live after a purchase which means online sales are important. "Texting through Endear has been the best way to retain them. The 'fall offs' when we get busy don't happen anymore.”

Another boost to sales has been Morley’s use of Endear’s Shoppable Stories, which are visual and actionable lookbooks that can be put right into text messages.

“Endear’s Stories gives us the ability to make our lookbooks appeal to different ages and genres of customers. For example, one campaign at our Delray location using Stories was around a crop top that we thought would be great for kids, but our core adult audience loved it after they saw it. We never would have known that without Stories."

Siobhan also mentioned how Endear strengthens and maintains their customer relationships. "When I first started with Endear, I found six clients I reconnected with who weren’t in normal communication rotation. Morley tries to always keep in touch with our customers, show new arrivals, give them first looks at new items, and first access to RSVP for events. Endear helps us be very personalized.”

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