How Jenette Bras and Endear became the perfect pair to drive 36% more transactions

After trying another CRM, Endear intimates customer, Jenette Bras, found their perfect fit with Endear, utilizing the platform to better connect with their community in a way they never could before.

Jenette Bras storefront

About Jenette Bras

Jenette Goldstein has been supporting women since 2009, in more ways than one. While she saw many brands catering to women with smaller cup sizes, she saw a desperate need for quality, fitted bras that would support women with different figures. With that in mind, she started Jenette Bras to provide that perfect fit necessary for comfort and confidence.

Today, Jenette Bras has six stores in California and Georgia as well as a growing eCommerce presence. The story of this brand’s success mirrors closely the clienteling best practices Endear has long preached, so the partnership between the brand and CRM software has been, well, a perfect fit.

Endear spoke with Jennifer Allan Goldman, the manager of the Jenette Bras store in Pasadena, CA, to learn more.


Increase in transactions


Increase in average order value


Email open rate

Before & After Endear: The Key is Customer Relationships

Personalization is key. Our customers typically come into our store once or twice a year. Maybe they want another color of the same bra or matching panties. So it’s important that we can communicate with them. If you know your client loves a certain bra, you need to let them know that it’s in [stock], so they can come in and purchase it. But before Endear, our messages weren’t really reaching them.

“We also started our Shopify store just before the pandemic. We sell a lot of higher-end pieces to collectors and alpha-sized materials. During the pandemic, we needed a way to communicate with our customers and we didn’t have a CRM in place.”

While Jenette Bras didn’t have a full-fledged CRM platform, they recognized the need to send out messages and onboarded a text-specific CRM. It didn’t go well.

“We were using a different texting CRM and it wasn’t working for us at all. The UI was awful, there were all these extra steps to integration, and our Fitters [Jenette Bras’ term for sales associates] weren’t getting onboard. Our Fitters can be 23 years old, or on their 2nd or 3rd careers. We needed usability that could accommodate all those people.

At the end of 2021, Jenette Bras turned to Endear

Jenette Bras turned to Endear at the end of 2021 looking for a more robust and easier solution. They also knew they needed a CRM that could handle texting, which their customers had come to love.

“We want to make sure that the customers know that there is an intelligent, caring human at the other end of their texts, not just an automated template. Endear allows [our Fitters] to be that intelligent, caring human. We collect phone numbers usually at checkout, when we’re packing up their bags. We ask ‘how do you want to know when something comes in?’ And they are very open to texting, so we’re never cold texting anyone."

“We send [Shoppable] Stories as well; curated selections to a client. For example, they’ll text us a photo of a dress and ask ‘what will work under this?’ And we’ll send back a Story with descriptions like, ‘I picked this one because it’s seamless’ or ‘because it’s low plunge.’ We just did a survey of our Fitters and they all said texting and Stories were their favorite features of Endear."

We’re trying to bring all our stores up on Endear because we know that Pasadena isn’t seeing a dip during the slow season, and that has a lot to do with transactions driven through Endear.

Jennifer Allan Goldman, Store Manager @ Jenette Bras

Jenette Bras’ Results with Endear

Since using Endear’s CRM solution across their stores at the start of 2022, Jenette Bras has seen a jump in both transactions as well as Average Order Value.

“At Pasadena, the store using Endear most fully, the number of transactions increased from 474 to 644. [36% increase] And in Q2 of 2021, when we didn’t have Endear, our average sale was $288; in 2022, it was $315. [nearly 10% increase]”

Jenette Bras have also seen an email open rate of an astounding 65%, and an overall SMS conversion rate of nearly 13%.

Jennifer adds, “We see our stores that use Endear robustly, their transactions numbers are higher. The average sale is higher because customers are seeing the right products. When we send messages like ‘we didn’t have it in your size, now we do,’ that’s really, really tailored. We put all these notes for each customer in Endear. Every client is every Fitters’ responsibility so we can provide the best service."

“We’re trying to bring all our stores up on Endear because we know that Pasadena isn’t seeing a dip during the slow season," she says. "And that has a lot to do with transactions driven through Endear. They’re more tailored with more notes, and more reminders with tasks. So our goal is to get stores using it more; spending at least an hour a day in the CRM, updating, and making sure it’s accurate. We want to build that community via Endear.”

Jennifer said their team uses Endear just to send congratulations on weddings or happy birthday messages. They’re not even pushing a sales or marketing message; it’s just a way to keep communicating with their customers. That’s the sort of clienteling that Endear enables teams to do.

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