Endear's $2M Seed Round Propels Retail CRM Revolution

Explore how Endear, fueled by a $2M series seed round, offers a tailored CRM for modern retail businesses, emphasizing relationship-building and omnichannel strategies.

In a recent announcement, Endear celebrated a significant milestone—raising $2 million in a series seed round, championed by investors who believe in the company's growth trajectory and capabilities. Since its inception in 2019, Endear has consistently adhered to a fundamental principle: delivering a user-friendly CRM platform designed specifically for retail businesses, blending advanced features with simplicity.

The significance of this endeavor is underscored by ongoing studies highlighting the enduring preference of shoppers for brick-and-mortar stores. Recognizing the limitations of relying solely on e-commerce, brands are seeking CRM solutions that embrace an omnichannel approach, effectively tracking and communicating with customers both online and offline.

Amidst a plethora of CRM choices, Endear stands out, offering specialized features crucial for the success of contemporary retail brands. Let's delve into a comparative analysis of Endear's features against competitors in the market.

1. Best Retail CRM: Hubspot vs. Endear

Cutting to the chase, Hubspot was built on the philosophy of “inbound marketing,” where creating great content will bring clicks and impressions to your website. While that can be great for b2b businesses, Hubspot was never meant to be the go-to CRM for retail brands.

We’re not saying that great content doesn’t have a place in your marketing strategy. After all, email and SMS marketing needs content. Yet Hubspot’s philosophy on inbound marketing focuses much more on the lengthy blog posts that are great for SEO; but not the punchy language needed for email blasts and text promotions.

As commented on by nectafy.com:

…when you purchase HubSpot's software, you're not just buying a piece of software. You're buying into a methodology; one that's going to add hours to your workload if you want to be successful. What's more, this methodology—inbound marketing—could very possibly go against everything you've ever known about marketing.

Endear’s CRM focuses on the “relationship” part of Customer Relationship Management. We help teams send bulk branded messaging to targeted segments, help you engage in effective 2-way communication, and help get customers back into your store.

One-to-one messaging within the Endear platform.

2. Best Product Recommendations: Oneshop vs. Endear

One of the most important and effective marketing efforts your brand can make is to send out a curated, visually striking catalog of product recommendations. Personalized content increases the efficiency of marketing by 10 to 30 percent, and a good CRM can leverage your customer data so your team can curate the perfect group of products to push to each segment of your audience.

Oneshop has that philosophy in mind, but their recommendation feature is limited to a static catalog of product images. Which is essentially a product page, and today’s younger shoppers have moved beyond this.

Endear’s Stories take visual curation to another level by making it dynamic, similar to today’s social media platforms that modern shoppers are familiar with. These Stories can showcase your curated recommendations right on their mobile device in order to drive action and clicks:

A Shoppable Story from Endear

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Best of all, Shoppable Stories enable shoppers to complete checkout right from the Story by clicking and purchasing through Endear Checkout. They don’t need to go to another product page to do so, lowering the hurdle of shopping from their smartphones and shortening the path to completing the transaction.

3. Best Automated Personalized Messaging: Endear vs. Salesfloor

Did you know that shoppers today don’t mind receiving texts from retailers? It’s true, and over 60% of consumers think businesses should use SMS messaging even more than they already do.

Not only are text messages more immediate, but they’re also more personal. That’s why there is a near 100% open rate with texts, compared to the relatively low open rates of emails.

Yet crafting, sending, and responding to robust SMS campaigns can be taxing for a small retail team. While Salesfloor’s platform allows for SMS conversations, it may take a small army to manage all these campaigns.

Endear solves this personalized messaging scale problem by introducing Campaigns, a way to segment your customer base into highly-specific groups, then text (or email) them all at once with a personalized message or promo for that group.


Automated Campaigns from Endear

For example, Endear’s Campaigns allow you to mine your CRM data for just the customers who have birthdays in May, or purchased a sundress in the last 30 days, or haven’t shopped inside a retail store in three months. Then messages can be queued up to send automatically, helping smaller retail sales or marketing teams manage these communications according to each campaign sent.

4. Best Clienteling CRM: Salesforce vs. Endear

If you’ve followed our content for a minute, you’ll know how passionate we are about the concept of clienteling. In crowded industries with lots of competition, what will make your brand stand out from the rest is how much you can elevate your customer’s shopping experience both in-store and online.

A great CRM gives your business actionable clienteling insights to help create intimate customer experiences that cultivate loyalty, a higher Average Order Value, and word-of-mouth.

Salesforce, as you could guess from the name, has transacting at the core of its product. It was built to help business-to-business sales teams sell, and the CRM component that helps cultivate customer experience was never a part of their philosophy. This is why it’s difficult to create great branded email templates that are useful for 1:1 messaging.

Endear, as you could guess from the name, has endearing your brand to your customer at our core. Less about just transacting, our CRM helps empower your business to send branded messaging that your customers will respond to, both figuratively and literally.

Endear’s messaging platform isn’t just a megaphone, rather it’s a telephone allowing for two-way communication. It helps teams open up a dialogue with customers who may have questions or comments, and personalizes the messaging experience so that promotional emails are far more likely to make an impact than to remain unopened or dragged into the spam folder.

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