The Evolution of Endear: Pioneering the CRM Landscape for Consumer Brands

Learn how Endear plans to evolve the way we address the unique needs of omnichannel, high-touch ecommerce, wholesale, and brick-and-mortar businesses. Plus, discover our six powerful products for revolutionizing data utilization, customer connection, and sales growth for consumer brands.

Endear CRM used at checkout for retail marketing

Over the past 4 years, commerce and retail have undergone significant transformations. At Endear, we recognized a fundamental problem: as brands modernized and increased their access to customer data, very few knew how to utilize it effectively to drive sales.

That's why we started Endear in 2019, with a focus on the retail industry. We discovered that retail stores, unlike other sales industries, lacked the technology to leverage data and enhance their selling performance. Our mission was clear: empower retail salespeople with a fully integrated CRM tailored to their needs.

Who Uses Endear Today?

Today, our customer base consists of a few key business segments:

  • Omnichannel: These brands use Endear to deliver exceptional customer experiences without having to worry about silos between their ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail teams.
  • High-touch Ecommerce: These customers provide a high-end or more considered purchase product, but don’t have an owned physical retail presence, and want to bring the personalized one-to-one sales experience online.
  • Wholesale: Many of our brands also manage their wholesale customers with Endear, giving them one place to manage all types of relationships.
  • Brick-and-Mortar: Even in 2022, there are still many brands that only have a brick-and-mortar store experience. Endear helps them modernize and compete.

The Journey So Far

Today, Endear is trusted by thousands of stores worldwide, and our presence is rapidly expanding. However, the demands of our customers are evolving. They seek a connected experience on a centralized platform to manage customers, market to them, and drive sales. While major CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce exist, they are not designed specifically for consumer businesses. That's why we are relaunching Endear as the CRM built exclusively for consumer brands.

What’s wrong with existing CRM solutions?

Most existing CRMs (like Hubspot and Salesforce) are very powerful but lack three important features that make them unusable for the average consumer brand.

  1. The right integrations. Existing CRMs lack integrations to the services consumer brands depend on day to day, like their point-of-sale, ecommerce platform, marketing, and support solutions.
  2. A consumer-driven product. Existing CRMs are all designed around deal-flow because they are designed for B2B and SaaS business, but most consumer businesses aren’t thinking about sales cycles and deal flows.
  3. Pricing that scales. Hubspot’s pricing calculator maxes out at 1,000,000 contacts. This pricing does not accurately reflect the needs of the consumer space, where having a few million contacts makes you small-to-medium sized.

Endear solves all of these problems because Endear is a CRM that only focuses on consumer businesses.

Re-Introducing Endear: The CRM Designed for Consumer Brands

Endear offers six powerful products, rolled into one easy-to-use solution; all fueled by our unified customer data platform:

  1. CRM: A unified customer data platform that scales to enable brands to create segmented audiences for targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. Inbox: A conversational messaging platform supporting two-way communication across email, SMS, WhatsApp, and live chat - all received in one unified inbox.
  3. Campaigns: An automated messaging platform that sends highly personalized messages at scale, leveraging a brand's first-party data.
  4. Shoppable Stories: A new and creative sales channel for brands to provide product recommendations and shoppable catalogs, delivering a personalized shopping experience to customers.
  5. Business Insights: A comprehensive reporting tool that offers a holistic view of the customer journey across all data points.
  6. SalesChat: A revolutionary AI-powered live chat experience that helps brands prioritize and engage with potential customers online.

In addition to these tools, we are introducing Endear AI, a generative-AI powered product that enhances messaging, segmentation, and intelligence.

The Future of Endear

At Endear, our journey continues. Our vision is to make Endear the ultimate solution for consumer brands seeking to scale personalization across every customer touchpoint. Join us as we revolutionize the way brands utilize data, connect with customers, and drive sales.

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