3 Shopify apps essential to your omnichannel brand strategy

With 6000+ apps on the Shopify store, we've picked the three apps that are essential to your omnichannel brand strategy. See who made the cut.


Small business owners love to build their ecommerce stores on Shopify. Not only is it one of the most powerful and flexible platforms for online stores, but it also has an incredibly robust app store that can provide anything your modern business needs.

And in our opinion, there is one incredibly important thing a modern business needs: an end-to-end omnichannel retail strategy. This is the strategy of marketing and selling your products via multiple channels (eg. email, text messaging, online, in-store) rather than just relying on a single one to reach your core shoppers. With young consumers relying on mobile devices and social media more than ever, omnichannel retail is the way to boost both sales and customer service.

And it works. The purchase rate when three or more channels were employed was found to be 287% higher than any single-channel campaign pushes. That sort of increase in conversions can’t be ignored by your retail store, which is why an omnichannel retail strategy has to be a part of your marketing and sales flow from day one.

Luckily, Shopify apps can help you integrate this strategy for your business without much hassle. Here are three of our favorites that solve an omnichannel hurdle.

1. Omnichannel problem: social media contests

Your team knows it needs to win social media to win new followers, and eventually new shoppers. Easier said than done, right? Every business wants the same thing, and eyeball time is limited. For example on Instagram, the average user will scroll through photos and videos for about 30 minutes a day. What are the odds that they’ll stop on your branded content? Hopefully high since 58% of users say they have become more interested in a brand/product after seeing it on Instagram.

Your omnichannel retail strategy will always have social media as a core channel, and there is a proven way to increase engagement: running contests on your various platforms. According to tailwind, Instagram accounts that hold contests grow over 70% faster than accounts that don’t.

People like to win free stuff. Strange, right?

And yet, only about half of all businesses ran contests through their social media at all, and much fewer ran them on more than one social media channel. Because of this gap, your business can get a leg up by embracing contests and giveaways as a part of your omnichannel retail strategy.

Solution: One of the best Shopify apps for this purpose is Social Boost Giveaways Contest by Apps Mav.

Social Boost screenshot

Social Boost makes running a contest over social media simple, providing easy-to-setup campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. We especially like the data tracking it provides, showing you the statistics of which channels worked best for a specific contest.

2. Omnichannel problem: customer support

Customer service is part of an omnichannel retail strategy? You bet. In fact, offering great customer service is one of the best things your brand can do to retain customers, increase sales, and grow your reach.

According to studies, a single bad experience is enough to deter 55% of shoppers from ever returning to a brand or retailer. Even worse, those customers will usually head to a competitor of that business. Not only does bad customer service lose you business, but makes it tougher to win in your sector overall.

Another pair of scary stats: “A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience.” Even worse, “13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people.” That’s a lot of negative word of mouth and lost business from a single bad support moment!

Don’t fall into this spiral by investing in great customer support. The ROI will be worthwhile since retaining customers is always less expensive than finding a new one.

Solution: A Shopify app we love for this purpose is Gorgias.

Screenshot from Gorgias App

This app can power a small support staff into managing many more customers than you would think possible. Your business may have a dozen different lines of communication with customers, but the easy-to-view interface can make managing all your channels systematic and easy. A killer feature is a full customer chat history that can show any team member what previous interactions consisted of, and how best to service a particular client.

3. Omnichannel problem: Customer relationships

Your omnichannel retail strategy revolves around all your business channels working together to deliver a positive shopping experience. In essence, it’s simply about customer relationships. Shopping used to be just a transaction. Now, it’s a relationship from discovery to purchase to post-purchase. And managing that long-term relationship across all your shoppers can be a challenge without the right staff, the right training, and the right tools.

For example, let’s just consider communication with your customers. Research shows that making your sales and marketing communications more personalized boosts engagement and conversions. Personalizing emails increases open rates by over 40% and reply rates increased 112%. This type of boost can drastically increase your sales numbers!

This is why businesses are turning to robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help facilitate personal, 2-way communications via email and text, as well as many other parts of the entire customer relationship. The right CRM can track the customer’s shopping journey, both online and in-store, and provide the insights into what products and messaging they respond to most.

Solution: You guessed it, we’re recommending Endear for Shopify customers looking for such a CRM.

Endear keeps an omnichannel retail strategy in mind at every step, helping businesses track sales and communications across various platforms and across locations. Messaging templates can help smaller teams communicate effectively with your entire customer base, and the CMR can even embed customized lookbooks into your personalized texts or emails.

Businesses that use Endear see 33% customer engagement rates and 26x the conversion rate of email marketing alone. It’s a CRM that manages a customer’s lifetime relationship with your brand, helping you increase sales and the average order value of purchases.

Shopify users have a ton of great apps to choose from to boost their omnichannel retail strategy. Check out these three recommendations to see how they may help your brand and workflow. And for a free trial of Endear, click here.