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Sep 20, 2021

4 Ways to Embrace Mobile Clienteling to Increase Customer Engagement

How mobile clienteling can help your team build even stronger customer relationships.

By Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder @ Endear

Mobile clienteling allows you to engage with your customers, build relationships, and boost brand loyalty from the palm of your hand. Omnichannel solutions like our mobile app let your associates provide a top-tier customer experience regardless of where they are interacting with your shoppers.

So, how can you use a mobile clienteling strategy to stay in touch with your target audience in the long term? Here are 4 unique ways you can embrace mobile clienteling to boost customer engagement:

1. Follow Up an In-Store Visit

Your clienteling strategy should apply to online and offline customers equally - in fact, it should help you turn single-channel shoppers into omnichannel shoppers! An easy entry point with your customers is after they have come into your physical store for the first time. By using a mobile app, your team can follow up immediately after a customer’s visit without missing a beat or having to leave the store floor.

First impressions are essential to how these customers will perceive your brand in the future, so you should use your associates to solidify their positive experience and start building a relationship for the long term.

Through mobile clienteling, you can welcome new customers with an email or text and thank them for coming into the store, along with offering next steps such as visiting your e-commerce site. With Endear, You can seamlessly send a follow-up message that includes a link to other products they might like or your social media pages so they can join your network. Alternatively, you can also entice them to purchase items they may have tried on by offering them a promotion that they can redeem either on their next visit or online. Whether it is tailoring for the clothing they bought, a coupon for their next order, or a gift to go along with their purchase, it is a gesture that can make all the difference.

The benefit of mobile clienteling is that these strategies can be executed seamlessly by your team. You don’t have to hope for customers to return to the store to take your team up on their offer – they can complete the purchase right from their own device upon receiving your associates’ messages.

2. After a Customer Makes Their First Purchase

Another crucial moment when you should leverage mobile clienteling to engage with your customers is after they make their first purchase. This opportunity comes in the form of notifications and smart segments. With these two features, your team can stay up to date on all your customers’ shopping activity.

This strategy will reinforce consistent clienteling and ensure that your customers get true value out of of engaging with your brand. It lets them know that they don’t have to be at your store to communicate with your associates – they can ask questions, place orders, and get additional support right from their own mobile device.

A few days after a customer makes her first purchase, your team should be sending her a follow-up text message to ask her how she's liking the purchase and gather any feedback that can help you serve her further.

If your customer is satisfied with her experience, your team can suggest that she leave a review for the items purchased or for the store itself. You can also thank her for their feedback by offering them a discount on their next order or a similar incentive.

The time after customers makes their first purchase is also a valuable opportunity to correct any issues. If they are not satisfied with their experience or your products, offer them a solution – perhaps they need a replacement, exchange, or simply a refund. The key here is to address their concerns and remind them that your brand is here for them on an ongoing basis, not just when they’re in the market to spend.

In other words, don’t make them wait to come into the store to resolve their issues. Offering a high-touch mobile experience for your team and your customers ensures that problems are resolved quickly and customers keep in touch.  

3. Before a Local Event

Local events are a great way to raise awareness about your brand and interact with customers in your store’s neighborhood. However, you don’t have to wait until the event itself to start engaging with your target audience!

You can send out email invitations to your store opening or event so that you can expand your store's reach and boost attendance. As customers respond, your associates can use a mobile clienteling app to manage customers' inbound messages. While the end goal is to create opportunities for your associates to meet customers face-to-face, a reliable clienteling app increases your chances of getting customers to attend in the first place.

You should also be able to manage your event’s RSVP’s through your clienteling app, so that you can follow up with attendees or find out how much in sales your event generated. If the event is going to be held at your physical store, consider rewarding visitors with a coupon they can use that day – this will further encourage them to attend and to purchase.

As part of your event follow-up, you can thank all your attendees and offer a unique code for them to redeem on their own at a later date. With Endear, you can even track how many of your attendees actually purchased using that code.

How much in sales is your current clienteling strategy generating?

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4. Target Nearby Customers Who Only Buy Online

You can also leverage mobile clienteling to build a bridge between the online experience and the one in-store. Targeting customers that normally purchase through your website but live nearby one of your physical locations can help give them a reason to stop by face-to-face.

If these customers have never shopped in your store before, offering a face-to-name connection of someone they can reach out to locally can encourage them to shop in new ways. Rather than relying on email communication that goes directly to your company headquarters, a clienteling app lets them speak with a local expert that can also share more info about the store experience.

Besides building a personal relationship with their local associates, mobile clienteling allows customers to get answers to questions quickly and conveniently. Customers want to be connected, and they want that experience to be seamless whether they shop in-store or online.

They should be able to browse products available at their local store, and ask nearby associates questions, without being there in person. If they decide they want to see the items or clothing for themselves, they already know what to expect and who to reach out to to arrange that.

With Endear’s mobile app, your staff can stay close to your customers and keep them engaged – regardless of whether they are meeting in person or communicating through text and email.

These messages don't have to be boring either – by using insights from previous messages and by enhancing messages with additional products and imagery, so you can tailor your strategy to each consumer! Likewise, you can track how well all your effort is paying off to help you focus on what is working and address areas that need improvement.