How Mizzen+Main increased their order value by 139% in less than a year

Modern menswear brand, Mizzen+Main, drives sales today like never before. Here's how Endear powered their incredible feat.

The Results: Mizzen+Main on Endear


increase in messages sent


increase in total orders


increase in average order value

The Brand: Meet Mizzen+Main

Mizzen+Main has had one mission for the past decade: to be every man’s favorite thing to wear, every single day. From work, travel, watching a football game, or even attending a formal wedding, Mizzen+Main is making sure that guys are always gravitating to their stores.

We spoke with Katie Hahn, Email Marketing and Loyalty Manager at Mizzen+Main, about why they started with Endear and the results they’ve seen ever since.

Brand Expansion with Momentum

Is it just us, or is Mizzen+Main’s brand expanding fairly rapidly?

We are growing across many areas of our business. We are expanding our retail footprint, with new store openings planned this year in Scottsdale, AZ, San Antonio, TX and a second location in Houston, TX with more to follow next year. We have exciting momentum behind our brand and how we are showing up and we also have new product platforms launching, giving our customers more options to expand their Mizzen+Main wardrobe.

How Mizzen+Main came to Endear

What brought your brand to Endear?

Because there are so many places for customers to shop, brand loyalty is even more valuable. We really believe that the thing that has the potential to set us apart is how we make the customer feel and how we can keep that connection going after they walk out of our stores. Endear has been an invaluable tool in enabling us to do just that.

How Mizzen+Main Approaches the Personalized Experience

How is your team using Endear to offer that personalized experience?

We take a two-pronged approach with Endear focusing on the partnership between our corporate marketing team and our retail team. We want there to be alignment with how our retail teams communicate with customers and how we are showing up in our brand marketing channels. We also know how important it is that the communication sent via Endear feels really personal. We focus our blast sends in Endear on things that are applicable to larger customer segments and tailor our one on one messaging to be much more personal and specific to the interaction we had with the customer. It could be as simple as sending a follow up email or note to a customer who just made their first purchase. Endear helps us quickly segment customers to the exact behavior we are looking to target and ease of use has been the biggest win for our retail teams.

Endear helps us quickly segment customers to the exact behavior we are looking to target and ease of use has been the biggest win for our retail teams.

Katie Hahn, Email Marketing and Loyalty Manager at Mizzen+Main

What is clienteling?

Get the guide on how to take a personalized approach to customer outreach

Training Retail Teams to use Endear

How do you train your retail teams to keep their outreach strategies fresh?

The best thing about our partnership with the retail teams and Endear is that it’s ongoing. Not only are they being trained as they come on board, we are meeting with them on a monthly basis to brainstorm ideas, discuss what initiatives might motivate a lapsed customer or reward a high value customer and we’ll talk about what’s working in each individual market. We are then equipping the teams with language and segments they can use so they can hit send quickly on a meaningful message, but we also empower them to make it their own since they are the ones who know the customer best. Our main goal is to give customers a reason to come into our stores and Endear has been crucial in achieving that.

Our main goal is to give customers a reason to come into our stores and Endear has been crucial in achieving that.

Katie Hahn, Email Marketing and Loyalty Manager at Mizzen+Main

Endear's Impact on Sales with Mizzen+Main

Just how well are we talking?

I double checked this number because I was surprised myself, but year-over-year, there has been a 139% increase in order value for orders influenced by an Endear message. 

There are so many things currently contributing to our growth, but it is really great to see that our personalized communication with customers has such a positive impact on sales.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Of course, and congrats! We checked in with Sri, our data scientist. Can you give us the details on these incredible results?

Sure! Mizzen+Main’s reply rate hovers between 2-4%, which is not particularly special. I’d say their success directly corresponds with how many messages they are sending, which is great, because it shows if you use Endear, you will make money. They’re sending regular messages and getting consistent results.

First-party data has entered the chat.

Do you know how to respond?

How Mizzen+Main Prioritizes Campaigns

Katie, can you give an example of the kinds of messages you’re sending out?

We send a variety of different campaigns and always try to ensure that the content aligns with our marketing priorities for that month. Our most common campaigns are around new product launches, invites to in-store events or an early heads up that a big promotion is coming. We really like being able to use Endear to invite customers in to shop promotions or new products before anyone else or to attend a special event (like our recent in-store meet and greet with Josh Smith from the Texas Rangers). The exclusivity of these personalized campaigns and invitations can make customers feel really valued.

In-Store Experiences Matter

And our internal data shows that in general, Average Order Value for Endear-attributed sales is 47% higher than non-Endear-attributed sales. That also shows that better clienteling does provide a huge bump to AOV and to the bottom line.

We’ve put a big focus on making our stores feel like a place where customers can hang out for a while. It’s the customers that we’ve built relationships with who come to buy something new, but may also have a drink and chat for a few minutes while they’re there. As you can imagine, the more time you spend in the store, the more likely you are to buy. It’s that environment and the relationships our store teams are building that encourage customers to come in and hang for a while so to see that have a direct impact on AOV is really cool.

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