Translating the In-Store Experience to Online: Omnichannel Brands and Endear

Learn how Endear is helping these brands supercharge their customer engagement, see 123x ROI and achieve 53% increase in order frequency.

How omnichannel brands are bringing the in-store experience online with Endear

Navigating ever-changing retail dynamics has always been challenging for merchants. While online shopping has changed customer behavior forever, brick-and-mortar still holds the upper hand in creating personalized experiences. Retailers often struggle to balance the two, especially when it comes to minimizing returns, nurturing customer loyalty, and maintaining a competitive edge. That’s why Endear embarked on a mission to combine the best of both worlds.

Although omnichannel retail has been at play for years, retail-first CRM tools were still limited when Endear launched in 2019. Once COVID hit, the desire to use a CRM to help bring the personal touch of brick-and-mortar shopping to online customers went from a “nice to have” to a “need to have;” catalyzing a substantial shift in the industry. Since then, Endear has seen explosive growth in the number of stores adopting the game-changing strategy we helped bring to life.

Hundreds of omnichannel brands are crushing sales targets and building long-lasting customer relationships with Endear. Learn how the platform helps them conquer new heights below. 

Endear helps you scale with powerful, personalized clienteling

In 2023 so far, Endear helped drive over $175 million for brands like Alo, Alexis Bittar, Todd Snyder and more. From jewelry brand gorjana, who empowers associates with real-time insights on their impact, to sneaker brand Koio, who created an event-based marketing campaign for their product launch, Endear has played an integral role in bringing the in-store experience online.

The secret behind our clients’ success is our omnichannel clienteling platform, designed to centralize customer data from all types of retail channels. Through a combination of seamless integrations, actionable customer insights, and personalized product stories, Endear has driven a whopping 64x ROI, 27% boost in AOV, and 111% increase in order frequency for our customers. 

1. Endear delivers an average of 123x ROI 

From in-store interactions to web clicks, retailers today are surrounded by first-party user data. Yet few know how to leverage it for building meaningful customer relationships. To solve this problem, Endear’s platform unifies all of your shopper data in one place, turning previously scattered info into actionable omnichannel insights.

The power of centralized, first-party data lies in proper sales attribution and enhanced clienteling. Take it from Buddylove, Dallas’ go-to brand for affordable, stand-out styles, which used Endear to scale their personalized outreach. They generated a whopping 22x ROI and a 28% open rate on emails in just six months. 

The best part? Buddylove can attribute and track every sale down to its respective campaign on Endear, providing invaluable touchpoints for future interactions and the ability to make smarter business decisions. 

2. Customers spend 69% more on each purchase made through Endear

Personalization has always been part of the retail vision for M.M.LaFleur, the New York-based womenswear brand known for its curated,  Power Casual clothing. They turned to Endear with one goal: bring the 1-on-1 styling experience online. Not only did they crush this goal, but they fell in love with Endear in the process. 

Using our CRM and Shoppable Stories, the M.M. team built data-driven, digital lookbooks of products they knew their chosen customer segments would love. These curated product stories are then shared via text or email and let customers shop, add to cart, and checkout — all directly from the Story. By leveraging their CRM data, every lookbook truly resonated with its recipient, resulting in a 60% increase in AOV and $180,000 in monthly sales through Endear. 

M.M.LaFleur is just one of the many retail teams enjoying the results of meaningful customer interaction. Brands like Rebag and Psycho Bunny saw respective boosts of over $20M in sales and 10% in AOV, highlighting the power of intentional messaging.

3. Endear personalizes outreach to supercharge customer engagement

In just four years, Psycho Bunny went from zero to 32 retail locations in the U.S. and Canada. When we asked Monica Provenza, Director of Omnichannel & Experience at Psycho Bunny, about the core driver of their immense expansion, her answer was simple: Endear’s top-notch clienteling platform.

Before Endear, clienteling was a manual drag for Psycho Bunny’s associates. To build and maintain authentic relationships, the sales team had to flip through an extensive physical record and use their own personal devices, resulting in untimely, low-quality outreach that was not always on brand and ultimately hard to manage. With Endear’s unified inbox and ability to add personalization at scale, the team was able to bring their 1-on-1 communication to the next level without sacrificing attention to detail. They hit a 58% open rate on emails – over 3x the industry average – and over $1M in sales through personalized outreach. 

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