How gorjana's clienteling strategy boosted SMS conversion by 8.4% with Endear

Learn how gorjana and Endear's SMS clienteling strategy boosted foot traffic, conversions, and customer loyalty for brick-and-mortar stores.

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Founded in 2004, gorjana is a contemporary jewelry brand creating pieces with love in Laguna Beach. Their 40+ storefronts offer everyday, layerable designs as well as new lines of fine jewelry. As gorjana continues to scale brand reach, they’re on the lookout for solutions that bolster growth across both physical and digital retail.

The Opportunity

Strategically boost B&M traffic with SMS communications

When the gorjana team came to Endear in Summer 2020, they had one clear goal: equipping their retail teams with the power of SMS to boost traffic at their brick-and-mortar locations. They believed customer communications via text message was promising for two key reasons: 

  1. In-store teams can seamlessly communicate back and forth with their local audience.
  2. Customers can conveniently stay updated on brand news and products. 

They only needed the right tech solution to pull this off. Enter: Endear.

The ability to directly communicate through a customer’s preferred channel is pivotal to a great customer experience.

Ryan Lee, Head of Technology @ gorjana

The Solution

Endear personalizes and automates texts to drive in-store traffic

Using Endear, the gorjana team put their SMS theories to the test. They chose Endear’s SMS templating capabilities to start, which helped them exceed in-store sales goals. By leveraging templates, gorjana’s retail teams can simultaneously: 

  1. Chat with any customers who respond
  2. Retain key promotional messaging regardless of store location

In addition, since gorjana’s strategy largely revolves around increasing store traffic, their templates are personalized to include a few key elements: 

  • The human touch — Messages are short and sweet while still sounding like they’re written by a human (because they are). 
  • Personalization — All templates address the customer by name, with a sign-off from the gorjana associate who sends the message. 
  • Incentives — Where applicable, texts include in-store-only offers and exclusive event invitations to entice customers to visit. 

The Results

Endear helps gorjana convert 1 out of every 5 customers over SMS

With Endear’s omnichannel attribution system, gorjana can gauge exactly how effective their new SMS strategy has been. And it turns out “effective” is an understatement. Here’s a look at the results so far:

  • gorjana’s messages see an average 8.4% conversion rate
  • Most customers convert within 7 days of being contacted
  • 65% of sales from SMS happen at a brick-and-mortar location

Even more, if SMS is used to reply to a gorjana customer directly (as opposed to bulk outreach), that conversion rate increases to an impressive 20%. 

The Future

gorjana will use Endear to scale in-store and digital sales

After the results they’ve seen with Endear, the team at gorjana are true believers in the sales power of 1:1 digital conversations made human. When your retail team can stay in touch with and support shoppers until they cross the finish line, you’ll see the metric lifts. 

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