How Psycho Bunny attributed over $160,000 in sales in one month to clienteling

Clothing retailer Psycho Bunny has utilized the Endear platform to drive over $1M sales through customer outreach.

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About Psycho Bunny

With apparel as bold as their moniker, Psycho Bunny has been bringing quality and style to their customers since they started as a tiny popup shop in Ventura, Florida in 2005. While they spent over a decade as a wholesale brand, Psycho Bunny found incredible success opening its first retail stores just four years ago.

Today, Psycho Bunny has 32 retail locations with big plans to expand both in the States and internationally as well (in fact, they just recently expanded into Canada). The key to their rapid success? A dedication to providing 1-on-1 customer relationships.

Endear spoke with Monica Provenza, Director of Omnichannel & Experience at Psycho Bunny, to learn more.


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Open rate on emails

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Attributed to messages sent from Endear

Solving the clienteling problem

“Everything we do is about quality," says Provenza. "When Psycho Bunny started, we said we wanted to make ‘the perfect polo,’ but we didn’t stop there. Everything has to feel like our polo, meaning everything has high attention to detail. And that goes to our customer relationships as well.

Psycho Bunny has been delivering a clienteling experience to their customers since day one, but their rapid expansion called for more robust tools. “Until we started using Endear earlier this year," Provenza added, "we were doing our clienteling with pen and paper. Our team members were using their own personal devices to message our customers. We believe a lot in the relationship between the customer and the store; our returning customers are our core business. So we needed a clienteling CRM solution that empowered each store, and we needed something that enabled a 1-on-1 relationship to make them feel like special customers.”

Endear was deployed across more than 150 employees throughout Psycho Bunny retail locations in Q1 of 2022 to continue their tradition of clienteling, but now with modern tools that helped their teams do more with less.

Using Endear’s suite of clienteling tools, the Psycho Bunny team leveraged the SMS and emailing tools to engage with their customers and maintain more 1-on-1 communications. They no longer had to use their own individual methods, and certainly not pen and paper, to keep track of individual conversations.

“We have great adoption on Endear’s messaging tools. Everyone uses them and loves them! For example, Psycho Bunny releases our new collections as ‘drops’ of 10 to 15 styles with limited availability. We use Endear to notify our most loyal customers of these new drops so they can be the first to know about them. This makes them feel special and is great for our relationship."

Endear makes customer outreach simple. The system and its filters make it simple to send emails and texts that specific customers find valuable.

Wardell Leake, Store Manager @ Psycho Bunny

Here's a peek into Psycho Bunny's SMS campaign for their 2022 Fall Collection.

Psycho Bunny SMS message

“Oftentimes these messages go out with [Shoppable Stories] to show these collections. And our managers love Endear’s analytics feature as well. They love seeing and tracking the interaction with store staff and customers.” – Monica

View a sample Story sent to customers by Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny’s results with Endear

Since adopting Endear’s CRM solution across their stores in February of this year, Psycho Bunny has seen over $1 million in sales attributed to messages sent and received in the platform.

Their email open rate is 61%, which is over three times the rate of the industry average for retail (18%).

But most of all, Endear’s solutions have provided the clienteling features Psycho Bunny’s team has been looking for to provide that next-level customer experience.

“We just really want to build our relationships," says We have a loyalty program, but it doesn’t create that 1-on-1 relationship that Endear does. We want it to be more experiential, not on a [loyalty] point-dollar basis. We want them to feel special and Endear helps do that which helps with repeat purchase.”

Monica couldn’t tell us any secrets, but Psycho Bunny has even more experiential events and exclusive products to share with their customers. It’s refreshing to see a modern brand understand and utilize clienteling in such a robust way! Endear is extremely excited to continue partnering with Psycho Bunny and see what’s next during their rapid expansion.

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