Why Endear is the Best CRM for Lightspeed POS Users

Looking for the best CRM for Lightspeed? Look no further than Endear's clienteling solution that integrates with Lightspeed in just one click.

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If you’re in the retail business, there is a good chance your brand is using Lightspeed as the Point-of-Sales (POS) system of choice. From Nordstrom to Goodwill, both small and enterprise-level retail businesses leverage Lightspeed’s product to help customers checkout their purchases, process payments, run inventory, and more.

But while Lightspeed excels at processing payments, retail brands still need a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that tracks and captures customer data in order to drive more sales and cultivate more loyalty.

Let’s look at why a great CRM system like Endear is the perfect compliment to your Lightspeed POS.

What does a CRM do?

A CRM is no longer just a database of customer phone numbers and emails. Today’s top retail CRMs aim to do one thing: clienteling. This term refers to providing customers with an intimate, personalized shopping experience through the analysis of individual customer data. Think of it as being a 1-on-1 personal shopper for each of your clients. While that may have been impossible to do without an army of sales associates in the past, today’s CRM leverages technology to make this sort of clienteling a real possibility for brands with small teams.

A great CRM should be built around helping brands employ clienteling strategies. Collecting customer data such as contact information is one thing, but being able to segment shoppers by items they last purchased, or what they browsed on your online store, or if they’re due to refill a specific product; that’s the type of data analytics your CRM should provide so your team can be proactive about customer communication, not reactive.

A great example of what your CRM can do for your brand is to automate a “birthday promotional” email or text message. Did you know that birthday emails have a 481% higher transaction rate than promotional emails, and generate 342% higher revenue? Because of this astronomical engagement rate, your marketing team should always send out a birthday communication. With a CRM, this can be automated by setting up a segmented Campaign:

A customer that just responded to a happy birthday text.

A customer responding to a happy birthday text sent from Endear.

With the customer data your CRM collects, all of your customer communications can (and should) be as personal and effective as a birthday campaign. Instead of a mass email to promote general products, your team can show how well you understand each client’s needs.

“We see our stores that use Endear robustly, their transaction numbers are higher. The average sale is higher because customers are seeing the right products. When we send messages like ‘we didn’t have it in your size, now we do,’ that’s really, really tailored. We put all these notes for each customer in Endear. Every client is every Fitters’ responsibility so we can provide the best service.” – Manager at Jenette Bras

Why Lightspeed Users Choose Endear’s CRM

And because of the high-level of competition in today’s retail market, Lightspeed customers need a solution that has an easy-to-use clienteling interface at the core of the product. That’s where Endear comes in.

Endear integrates directly with Lightspeed to populate our CRM with all the data collected from the POS system that can then be used to start clienteling initiatives for an omnichannel retail marketing strategy. Simply head to the integrations section of your Lightspeed interface, choose Endear, and you can sign up in minutes.

Lightspeed users can then access powerful clienteling tools through Endear such as Shoppable Stories:

Customer viewing a Story sent from Endear.

Instead of sending customers off-site to a 3rd party social channel to view these types of visually dynamic Stories, Endear allows you to send them right from your CRM directly to your customer’s email or SMS inbox. And because of this direct channel, Shoppable Stories can be curated to each customer according to their Lightspeed data.

For example, if Lightspeed’s POS captured Emily recently purchasing a yellow sundress, your team can send a curated Shoppable Story that only shows matching accessories for that dress, in Emily’s size and matching color. This level of clienteling returns a high conversion rate, and since she can make her purchase just by tapping a Story (transactions are built in), this is just one of the many ways Endear’s CRM leverages data to drive more sales.

Are you ready for the best CRM for Lightspeed POS?

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