10 Reasons Your Team Needs A Mobile App for Your Best Clienteling Yet

Mobile is taking over quickly, and the best way to enhance your clienteling efforts is to take advantage. This guide will review the importance of having a mobile app and why it can make a difference in your customer experience.

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Clienteling continues to be a surefire way to keep your customers engaged - but what about the sales teams that power them? By going with a clienteling solution that offers a mobile app, you're more likely to see consistent, high-quality outreach from your teams, therefore ensuring a top-notch experience for your end customers. Give your retail associates the option to take their conversations on the go with a covenient mobile clienteling app like Endear's.

Here are the top 10 reasons why it will be worth your while:

1. Mobile is the Future of Retail

Mobile continues to prove itself to be the future of retail, so if you don’t already have a mobile app for clienteling, you need one.  

Experts predict that mobile payment apps will generate $14 trillion of transactions by 2022. Likewise, it is estimated that up to 54% of online sales – or $659 billion in revenue – will be made on mobile devices.  

As you can see, more and more customers are choosing to use their phones to buy from their favorite brands. Your clienteling efforts must reflect this shift in the industry and adapt accordingly to take advantage of where customers are choosing to shop.

Want to learn more about clienteling?

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2. Shoppers Are Buying and Browsing on Mobile

It’s no secret that people love to shop on their mobile devices. In fact, more than half of Americans shop on their smartphones, and this number is growing by the day. Some users don't even need to purchase to enjoy mobile shopping – it’s estimated that up to 67% of consumers have gone digital window shopping just for fun! That means that customers are showrooming, webrooming, and now - mobilerooming!

3. Mobile Boosts Customer Loyalty

A major goal of clienteling is to boost customer loyalty, and a mobile clienteling app can help you do just that. Retaining clients and encouraging repeat purchases can be difficult, but omnichannel retail can make the process more streamlined.

Simply put, when users start to clientele from their phones, they are in a better position to keep the conversation going, and take advantage of mobile app features that enhance the traditional SMS experience from their side. In turn, they’ll be meeting customers where they already are and stay in touch with them more seamlessly. Put another way, once the mobile app is on your sales teams’ phones, solutions like Endear can send them push notifications and alerts whenever they get a new message, have a task they need to complete, or a client of theirs is in need of attention so that they can stay on top of clienteling from anywhere.

But most importantly, by moving clienteling over to a mobile experience, you’re empowering your team to keep up conversations with customers in real-time, rather than requiring they be at their computer or store tablet in order to respond.

4. Mobile Is a Critical Part of Omnichannel Retail

A mobile experience also allows your team to participate in the benefits of omnichannel retail. Omnichannel retail refers to the ability to interact with your customers in a wide variety of ways, from your traditional brick and mortar store to mobile browsers and texting.

Consumers want to stay connected but are looking for consistent levels of service. They don’t want to have a different experience when they shop online and when they come into your store, and a mobile app can help your team stay close to customers whether they are emailing, texting, or face-to-face.

But rather than having your sales teams rely on plain SMS to stay in touch with customers, Endear’s mobile app means that they can enhance their messages, keep better track of customers, and perhaps most importantly track how messages are impacting sales thanks to Endear’s analytics tools. With these tools, you and your salespeople can understand how their strategy is paying off.  

5. Mobile Strengthens Customer Engagement

Another reason your retail team needs a mobile app is that it reinforces consistent clienteling and customer engagement. A mobile app is a resource they can always count on to engage with your audience, so they don’t have to wait to be at the store or office to send messages or get back to customers – instead they can constantly be in touch with anyone who is interested in speaking to them.  

On top of answering questions or providing additional info about your products, sales associates can use a clienteling app also to more readily facilitate transactions. Especially if your e-commerce site is mobile-optimized, associates can seamlessly incorporate product links into their text messages so that customers are immediately brought to your product pages to make their purchase.  

6. Mobile Clienteling Builds Brand Credibility

While many associates may have close relationships with customers, the problem is that you may not always know what they are saying. With a mobile clienteling app, associates will be less tempted to get back to customers using their device's homegrown apps and instead can make their messages look more professional with templates, links and lookbooks. An extra coat of polish on outreach maintains a high level of professionalism no matter who a customer is talking to from your brand.

And best of all, a mobile app for your whole team also helps to ensure that your customers are never left hanging – thanks to Endear's notifications and team inboxes, there is always a way to make sure that every message gets answered.

7. Mobile Payments Are Easier Than Ever

When your target audience’s only option is to come to your store in person, you are missing out on a lot of potential revenue! Increasing revenue is one of the most basic business goals, and a mobile app can get you closer to your sales targets.

Instead of relying on the small opportunity you have when they are in the store, a clienteling app will let your team hold your customers’ attention for longer. These frequent interactions will remind your customers that they were ready to make a purchase or incentivize them with a recommendation or coupon to start a new browsing session – resulting in greater revenues in the long run. By giving your customers the power to buy wherever, whenever, you'll dramatically increase your opportunity to make a sale.

8. Mobile Clienteling Helps You Stay Competitive

Staying ahead of the competition is necessary for the success of your business. To stand out from the crowd, you must consider all aspects of how you can differentiate, yourself from your product offerings to the customer service you provide to your clients.

Most large and successful brands are already taking advantage of mobile apps for clienteling, and your organization must do so as well. Failing to recognize the importance of a mobile client experience will cause you to lag behind your competitors.

In today’s highly competitive market, any way that you can show additional value will make a difference!

9. Mobile Phones Are the Homes of Social Media

One of the most valuable capabilities of a mobile app for clienteling is that it allows you to incorporate the power of social media.

Like we mentioned earlier, most people use their smartphones for social and communication purposes. This makes a mobile app the perfect platform to ensure that your audience is engaging with you across multiple channels. For example, you can share links to Instagram posts, and invite your customers to follow your brand. The more touchpoints you have with your customers, the more likely you are to build brand loyalty, boost customer engagement, and drive sales.


10. It's Never Been Easier to Launch!

Give your team immediate access to a mobile clienteling app when you use Endear! Available on mobile and desktop, our platform allows you to create a custom experience for your clients regardless of how they like to shop.

Here are some of the ways our mobile app supports your clienteling efforts:

  • Receive push notifications as soon as a customer reaches out
  • Respond to their inquiries right from your phone
  • Manage all your inboxes in one convenient location
  • Foster a 1-on-1 relationship regardless of where your customers are located

Get in touch with us so we can help you put clienteling in every associate’s pocket.