Unlocking Retail Resilience: Rhone's COVID Journey with Endear's Virtual Concierge Program

Find out how athletic apparel brand, Rhone, counted on Endear to launch their virtual concierge program at the height of the pandemic.

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In July 2020, Endear hosted a webinar with Peviter Veygal, Head of Regional Operations at Rhone. The topic: how to COVID-proof your retail strategy. Rhone, a premium men's performance lifestyle brand, seamlessly integrated Endear to navigate challenges and redefine customer engagement.

About Rhone: Elevating Everyday Living Since 2014

Launched exclusively online in 2014, Rhone has evolved into a premium men's lifestyle brand, offering comfortable and functional clothing for various occasions. With 15 stores nationwide since their first opening in 2019, Rhone blends innovation and style to support customers in work, workouts, or leisure.

Endear's Role in Tailoring Retail Messaging

Initially focused on encouraging customers to leverage the expertise of Rhone's sales team, Peviter and her team utilized Endear's filters to personalize messages based on customer characteristics and preferences. This approach, common among Endear users, proved effective until the unforeseen challenges posed by the pandemic.

Pivoting with Endear: The Birth of Rhone's Virtual Concierge Program

As physical retail locations temporarily closed due to COVID-19, Rhone embraced innovation. The result? A virtual concierge program, spotlighted on their website and powered by Endear's lookbook feature. Customers could now book 1-1 virtual styling sessions, preview products with lookbooks, and receive personalized follow-up emails, creating a unique omnichannel experience.

Omnichannel Success Metrics: A 7.6% Conversion Rate

Endear's omnichannel tracking revealed a stellar 7.6% conversion rate on messages related to the virtual concierge program. This impressive figure, 95 times higher than the average apparel brand's email marketing conversion, showcases the effectiveness of Rhone's strategy. The success persists, even as physical stores gradually reopen.

Insights from Peviter Veygal: Answering Your Burning Questions

Following the webinar, Peviter addressed key inquiries:

  • Holiday Promotions: Rhone leveraged Endear for a successful Father's Day push, demonstrating the platform's adaptability for future holiday promotions.
  • Avoiding Email Overload: Endear's filters, including "Last Contacted," prevent redundancy, ensuring sales associates don't email the same customers too frequently.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Rhone utilized Calendly for seamless appointment bookings, seamlessly integrated into Endear's emails and texts.
  • Endear for Digital and E-commerce Teams: Endear caters to all sales teams, whether online-only, in-store, or omnichannel, making it a versatile asset.

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