How Rebag drove $20+ million in sales with Endear

Learn how Rebag teamed up with Endear to build customer loyalty, drive sales, and expand shoppers’ knowledge of the resale space.  

Rebag with Endear: Engagement Analytics

$20+ million

in sales driven over 6 months


reply rate on SMS outreach


Rebag team members on Endear


Founded in 2014, Rebag is an omnichannel resale platform boasting over 50 designer labels, five physical locations, and a significant online presence. Whether you’re a style aficionado looking for coveted designer items, or simply want to sell once-loved statement pieces, Rebag is your ultimate destination, providing endless access to sustainable luxury.

We selected Endear because of its seamless integration with our tech stack. It has allowed us to think outside the box and quickly connect with customers – yielding high ROI.

Geronimo Chala, Chief Client Officer @ Rebag

Rebag wanted to elevate their digital footprint during COVID shut-downs

The Challenge

For a resale platform like Rebag, ecomm is more than just selling a product – it’s about connecting with passionate customers and sharing knowledge about the resale space. 

Until 2020, Rebag’s retail team focused solely on building rapport with in-store customers to optimize omnichannel retailing. After COVID wiped out in-store visits, the team realized that keeping sales up would require more than a few tweaks in their clienteling strategy. 

Fortunately, they had just started working with Endear.

Endear’s robust clienteling solution nurtures customer loyalty

The Solution

Onboarding with Endear allowed Rebag to break their clienteling process into two steps:  

  1. Generating actionable customer insights 
  2. Scaling personalized communication online

A successful retail sales strategy always starts with sales associates. Thanks to Endear’s seamless integration with their point-of-sale, Rebag equipped 100+ salespeople with a robust clienteling toolkit in no time. From there, the team had virtually immediate access to real-time customer data to build dynamic audience segments – the backbone of their new outreach strategy. 

Tailoring Rebag’s content according to these customer segments has ultimately become essential to their business model. As Geronimo Chala, Chief Client Officer at Rebag, explains, having detailed insights allowed the team to connect with the entire customer base without sacrificing the personal touch.

Endear drives revenue through high-quality customer interactions

The Results

A narrow focus on personalization can often get in the way of scaling and generating revenue. In Endear’s case, the two go hand-in-hand. Here is a look at Rebag’s metrics after 6 months with Endear: 

  • $20+ million in sales attributed to clienteling efforts, emails, and texting through Endear
  • 10–15% SMS reply rate thanks to personalized outreach and two-way conversations
  • 100+ Rebag sales associates use Endear to connect with customers across channels

While it’s clear that Endear delivers high ROI, the key to success isn’t boosting short-term marketing campaigns - it’s transforming a transactional experience into a meaningful relationship between the store and the customer. Rebag isn’t just a resale platform – it’s a community in itself, and Endear excels at nurturing those relationships. 

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