How Rebag Uses Clienteling to Educate Their Customers on the Growing Resale Market

Endear co-founder, Leigh Sevin, attends Retail Innovation Week and explains how Rebag leverages Endear to build loyalty and expand their customers' knowledge of the resale space.

By Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder @ Endear


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[Scott Latchuk @ PSFK] Today we're going to talk about a recent partnership you have with Rebag to help them drive better customer engagement. Maybe you can talk about the ways that they're using your platform today.

[Leigh Sevin] Yeah absolutely. So Rebag has been around since 2014 -- for people who don't know, they are a resale platform. They are in fact omni-channel so they operate seven physical stores and they also have a very large e-commerce presence, so we've been working with them since 2019. And when we started, it was very cookie-cutter -- when you think about, "What is a clienteling platform, what is it supposed to help me do, what does it do for retail?" They really wanted it to help them build rapport with the customers they were meeting in-store. What's really exciting about working with Rebag is that when COVID hit -- obviously that playbook sort of had to go out the window right -- there was no foot traffic, there was no such thing essentially. And so in speaking to Geronimo, who's their Chief Client Officer, what was so motivating for us as a business was to hear how they adapted to that and the new ways they found to use Endear.

The two big things that he pointed out was one: really leveraging their e-commerce data to better guide what their sales team was saying, and when they were saying it, to their audience, and connecting with online customers and providing that same level of high-touch support and guidance that those customers would have gotten had they walked into a store.

I think the second challenge that I was really impressed by is that for Rebag, e-commerce is not just about buying. In fact it's also about selling because they are a resale platform so there's an element of education that they wanted to instill in all of their methods of communication, whether that was their marketing, their website, content, and even in the messages they were sending through Endear. So watching them repurpose a lot of that content, that was more mass, into the conversations they were having over email and text with their customers using Endear... [it] was really inspiring. It wasn't just, "here's something, go buy it." It was, "Do you know about resale? Do you know that you can also sell your items? Did you know the power of this on the environment?" And so, seeing our platform get used for something beyond just sales was really inspiring.

[SL] Oh that's amazing and I'm interested to know, just for those that are less familiar with your platform, from a more kind of practical point of view, what is the type of information that is being leveraged within the context of either a sales environment, like you just talked about, or in terms of education etc.

[LS] I think the most important part about any clienteling app, including Endear, is that it really needs to have all the rich data that your systems are collecting. So Endear integrates with both the e-commerce platform and your POS platform and that gives your sales associates -- separate from your marketing team, separate from your customer service team -- the right insight on your customers to really build that authentic relationship. So using all that data, they can build really dynamic segments, they can reach out to customers in a really high touch way, but also efficiently. So they're not sacrificing personalization, but clienteling really shouldn't be reserved just for your top 10 percent customers. It should really be available to everybody. So if you have these more scalable tools like Endear, you're actually able to provide that level of service to a much broader audience and still make them feel like they are having a one-on-one conversation with an expert. So that's really where, when it comes down to it, it's not about customer acquisition, it's actually really about extending lifetime value and growing customer loyalty.

[SL] Amazing. And obviously in any environment where there's an interaction between an associate and a shopper, having that ability to deliver that personalization is so important today. I wonder, alongside the Rebag case study that you just talked about, are there any sort of metrics you can share in terms of how that drove sales or long-term customer value?


"The most important part about any clienteling app, including Endear, is that it has all the rich data that your systems are collecting. Endear integrates with both the e-commerce platform and your POS platform to give your sales associates, separate from your marketing team, separate from your customer service team, the right insight on your customers."

[LS] Yeah absolutely -- the Head of Sales at Endear, Casey [Drake], always jokes that if you're not going to focus on sales, you really should be focusing on replies. And Rebag is actually a great example of both of that fortunately. So, generally speaking, over the last six months, they've driven over $20 million dollars in sales just through what's attributed to their efforts on Endear - so their clienteling efforts, email and text. But what's even more outstanding, is that especially with SMS, their reply rates vary from 10 to 15 percent. So it isn't just about sales, right? It isn't like, "Okay well can we even attribute that purchase to that text message or that email? We don't know anything about it." Well, what we do know is that customers are really responding to these associates because of the content that they're sharing and really having conversations on an ongoing basis. You know, it's not about a one-time blast like a marketing email often is. It's really about, "what is the content that I can share that's going to get a customer to engage so that we could have a conversation just like as if we were you know face-to-face?"

[SL] It's incredible to hear about the chat side of things too, because we're so big on that as a platform for just having conversations with customers in the same way we're all kind of communicating today, so it makes so much sense. And then having that ability to actually be more targeted or relevant in terms of how you're reaching out to customers makes so much sense.

So Leigh I know you kind of touched on this a little bit. and we've looked at clienteling in the context of targeted selling obviously, but what are some of the other ways you see either your clients or the potential for clienteling to add value to the customer/company relationship beyond just that sales piece?

[LS] I think that it really isn't about sales -- sales is a byproduct of building really good relationships and I think that can take a lot of different forms. So, for example, I'm really thinking more about the store as this community. I think that is maybe the most important piece of all of this. If you are thinking about your store as a center for the neighborhood, it's all about creating opportunities and reasons for a customer to come in that isn't just a purchase. Because if the only reason a customer is ever going to come into your store is to spend money, that can become daunting but as stores open back up, it is about having events, it's about creating affinity groups, about making sure customers know that you also really participate in the local area whether that's through events, just acknowledging the weather... we always joke it might be raining in New York but it's not raining in Miami so that's something that's unique to the New York store. And the more you can incorporate that into your outreach, the more you can make your customers aware that, “hey, we are living in the same world," the more they're going to feel like there's a relationship not just with the brand, but also with the store and with a specific person. And the more ties you can create, the longer that loyalty is going to extend and the deeper that loyalty is going to be within the customer.

[SL] That's such a great insight, I mean both the sort of community piece around the store because, at the end of the day, physical needs to sort of look beyond the transactional, and then also that sort of idea that whether you're a global or national brand and then figuring out how you show up local, just like, makes that relationship so much. Amazing. Well thanks so much for sharing those insights with us today!

[LS] Thanks for having me, this has been awesome. [END]

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