Personalized Messaging: The Power of Thank You

Learn about personalized messaging strategy and how the expression of gratitude can create measurable results in retail clienteling.

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Written by

Dorea Novaez, Contributor @ Endear


The power of gratitude has long been espoused as a golden rule by your parents, teachers, and, now, favorite Instagrammers. But beyond the emotional impact a simple “Thank You” can make, we wanted to take a closer look at how it influences customer sentiments and ultimately the bottom line for retailers.

To help assess this influence, we dove into some of our Endear personalized messaging data. We trust you will find the results as interesting as we did!

The Figures

Messages that included a “thank you” amounted to 8.67% of messages sent through Endear. In analyzing this subset of messages, we found a conversion rate of 10.29% , compared to a rate of 4.86% for messages that did not include a “thank you.” Overall, messages sent through Endear showed a conversion rate of 5.33%, compared to an industry average of 0.05% in 2018.

What it Means

Customers who have already made a purchase, and thus receive a "thank you," are a self-selecting group of your best customers. If their purchase is a signal that they love your brand, then reminding them of that and and pointing them towards your e-commerce offerings is more likely to pay off. Data shows this audience has an above-average conversion rate, so go ahead and grab that low hanging fruit!

Best Practices

In fact, we think “thank you” messages are a great way to get started using a personalized messaging platform like Endear. Beginning with these small steps can help you build towards more advanced strategies as you learn what capabilities and use cases best complement your business.

Below are some examples of great "Thank You" messages for your inspiration:

Hey ________!
Thanks for visiting us today! We're so glad we got to introduce you to our brand and give you an opportunity to explore what we have to offer IRL. If you'd like to continue your journey you can find us at www.brand.com or check us out at @brand_IG. Hope to see you back at the store soon!
Best, ________

We love the addition of inviting the customer to participate in the social media conversation as a way to get to know the brand better.

Hi ________,
Thank you for popping into the store the other day.  I’m so glad we were able to find you the perfect piece for your upcoming event - what an absolutely amazing addition to your wardrobe! If you have any questions about your purchase or anything else about Brand, you can reach us at 555-5555. Have an awesome day!
Warm regards,

Providing a contact method creates more opportunities for follow-up visits and product exploration

Hi ______,
Thank you again for coming in today! I'm so happy you settled on the Dress! I am attaching links to the other styles that you tried on, in case you want to give them another look online. All the styles today were in a size 4. Let me know if I can be helpful with finding you anything else!

We love incorporating clickable content of other items the customer enjoyed during the store visit, and inviting the customer to engage in conversation over trackable email.

So whether you're already utilizing a personalized messaging strategy, or just starting, we encourage you to see how far a simple "Thank You" can take you in your efforts. Chances are it will only serve to enhance the brand-client relationship and open the door for further engagement, conversation, and future purchases.