Endear x The Sill: Workshop Recap

We hosted an event at The Sill, an exclusive destination for plants and biophilic design, to talk with retail industry leaders on everything from pain points to plants.

One of the coolest features on the Endear platform is the ability to invite selected customers to exclusive in-store events and promotions. And when it comes to reaching our own clients, we don't shy away from taking one out of our own book. This month, we held a private event at The Sill for industry leaders to meet, eat, and enjoy one of the first days of Spring by making plant terrariums together. Endear's very own Director of Marketing Kara Zawacki sat down to talk all about how the event went, and if plant workshops are really the hype we hear about.

Four images of Shoppable Stories including plants in pots, dirt in bags, and a nearly finished terrarium.

Those who RSVP'd received a personalized Shoppable Story with visual information about the upcoming workshop.

What made you decide to host at The Sill?

The Sill is the contemporary brand behind 7 plant shops around the country. We met at the Cobble Hill location in Brooklyn. The Sill offers a variety of plant workshops that I thought were really fun, and would be a welcomed change from the usual brand dinner or happy hour. They also have a few stores sprinkled around Manhattan and Brooklyn so I knew they’d have at least one central location available for us to meet and connect with our local retail community. Plus their stores are merchandised really well and always get a lot of great light (for the plants!).

Were there any topics that kept coming up, in terms of shared retail experiences?

Yes! Attendees talked candidly about how to increase foot traffic in stores as well as how to make online shopping feel more personal - two pain points Endear solves really well.

What was your favorite part about the event?

My favorite part about the event was meeting the hard-working people behind the brands I know and love as a shopper. I also learned some fun facts about succulents!

What sorts of IRL Endear events could you see in the near future? 👀

I’m always looking to bring like-minded people together in meaningful, fun ways. In fact, if you’re a retail industry professional and would like to be invited to one of our future events, you can fill out this survey here.

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