Why Clienteling is the Future of Omnichannel Retail in Four Charts

Discover the game-changing impact of Endear on retail clienteling in four charts. Unleash personalized experiences, boost sales, and create loyal customers.

Transformative Data Insights: How Endear CRM Reshapes Retail Clienteling

We know from our customer feedback that clienteling works. Not for just our own users, but for the retail industry as a whole, personalized shopping experiences coupled with targeted marketing messaging leads to higher sales and more loyal customers. But as wonderful as anecdotal evidence is – just like our Endear CRM itself – we’re all about data.

We’ve aggregated thousands of retail teams’ worth of data to see just how impactful a great CRM platform can be for brands. And as we highlight the data that we’re seeing, it also tells the story of how better clienteling strategies are changing the game when it comes to winning over shoppers.

Let’s take a tour of the state of clienteling in three charts you won’t find anywhere else.

Purchase Frequency

When measuring a customer’s lifetime value, it’s not just about the average order value of their purchases. What also increases CLTV is each customer’s purchase frequency. And surprise, surprise: the more a shopper loves your brand, the more they tend to shop.

One thing that Endear helps brands accomplish is to literally endear themselves to their customers. By elevating their online shopping experience through more accurate and relevant product recommendations, or making shoppers feel known by helping create segmented, personalized marketing messaging, our CRM makes offering that clienteling experience easy. And here’s the difference that this makes when it comes to purchase frequency:

Endear report showing purchase frequency of a customer in different industries when messaged through Endear vs. when not

Within a 90 day period of being first messaged through Endear CRM, our different retail categories saw a lift of purchase frequency across the board when compared to the aggregate purchase frequency when not using Endear. Click to learn more about the clienteling tools that make it happen.

One of the main features of Endear is the ability to craft personalized email and text campaigns, and as the data shows, better messaging goes a long way to motivate customers to shop more often. Whether it’s due to being top-of-mind, or because the right products came across their inbox at the right time, your brand is leaving money on the table by not leveraging a clienteling retail CRM platform.

Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel retail has taken the industry by storm in the last five years, with brands understanding that intelligently blending both in-store and online clienteling can equal more than the sum of its parts.

For example, when a customer can easily start a virtual conversation with your sales rep about a certain product, then walk into the store to meet that rep who has already pulled that very item in her size, that seamless experience makes shopping not just easier, but more profitable for the brand.

Unfortunately, only a few brands really incorporate omnichannel strategies.

Graph of customers by industry who engage in purchasing either online (blue), in-store (teal), or a mix of both (purple).

Customers by industry who shop either online (blue), in-store (teal), or a mix of both (purple).

We see that the customers who have been engaged by the brand to shop in an omnichannel way is only a small sliver for each industry. And here’s why it matters:

Graph showing The percent difference in customer lifetime value for customers who shop either online (blue), in-store (teal), or a mix of both (purple).

The percent difference in customer lifetime value (CLTV) for customers who shop either online (blue), in-store (teal), or a mix of both (purple).

Our data clearly shows that customers who engage brands in omnichannel purchasing have a much, much higher positive difference in CLTV than the average. In fact, customers who engage in omnichannel retail are at least two times more valuable across the board.

Keep in mind, it’s obviously more effort for a customer to shop in-store instead of strictly online. But the mix of in-store and online experience has a magnifying effect, which makes sense: great in-person experiences help to increase loyalty, which prompts shoppers to shop more online as well as to return to the brick & mortar locations more often.

Brands who leverage omnichannel retail best practices are poised to increase the CLTV of their customers, yet the previous chart shows that most still don’t do this much at all. This is a competitive edge that we expect more brands to take advantage of in the coming years.

2-Way Messaging

A fundamental part of good clienteling is engaging in a dialogue with your customers. Instead of mass email promotions with a no-reply, brands that encourage conversation through their messaging typically see a higher frequency of purchase.

In Endear CRM, small teams can manage 2-way messaging through a single interface, chatting with customers via SMS or responding to emails. Because communication is the life-blood of great customer service, our data shows some incredible results stemming from dialogue.

Graph that shows that as the customer reply rate increases, the CLTV increases exponentially

This chart shows that as the customer reply rate increases, the CLTV increases exponentially

 In fact, when brands achieve reply rates of over 15% on their campaigns, they see approximately 75% higher CLTV compared to the average. In essence, the more you can get them “talking,” the more you can get them buying.

Endear’s platform has personalized messaging built into the core of the CRM. Our Shoppable Stories – curated lookbooks that can be embedded into messages – were created to engage customers in a back-and-forth. More recently, our SalesChat was created to spark conversation with online shoppers on your site in real time, helping them with virtual clienteling that leads to more purchases.

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