The Best Retail CRMs for NewStore Businesses

Explore the best CRMs for NewStore retail brands. Discover top-rated solutions for seamless retail operations.

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In today’s ecommerce environment, if your online retail store doesn’t perform well on a mobile device, you’re going to have a rough time. According to the Pew Research Center, 76% of US adults shop via their smartphone; which increases to a whopping 91% of Americans ages 18 to 49.

That’s why ecommerce platforms put such an emphasis on the mobile experience, and where NewStore shines.

What is NewStore?

NewStore is an omnichannel retail platform that integrates your Point-of-Service (POS), your Order Management System (OMS), your inventory management, store fulfillment, and more to allow retailers to use a single platform to run their most important business activities. Also, it was built with mobile in mind, allowing retail managers to do all these things right from their iPhones.

For retailers who need to increase their mobile efforts, NewStore offers a modular solution to allow customers to shop from anywhere, make payments from their iOS devices, and even provide loyalty programs and mobile apps for shoppers to use in-store.

NewStore is used by many major brand names, such as Burton, Ganni, Marine Layer, among others. Founded in 2015, NewStore was quickly acquired by Salesforce which has helped it continue to grow under their own brand, while expanding its resources in order to deliver results like a 4x increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Is NewStore a CRM?

While NewStore can handle a database of basic customer information, it is not a CRM. Like many other retail platforms that excel at POS or inventory, its usefulness is greatly amplified when connected to a true Customer Relationships Management platform. After all, the more customer data you can feed into an omnichannel app like NewStore, the more insights your retail team can glean to make better business decisions.

For NewStore users, it’s important to find a compatible CRM that not only caters to the mobile aspects of customer relationships (to amplify the strength of NewStore’s mobile side), but can also extend the reach of the retail brand to the customer in ways that NewStore can’t.

Is a Retail CRM Necessary?

Nucleus Research showed that CRMs see an ROI of $8.71 for every dollar spent. Meaning, a good CRM increases the efficiency of what a retail brand spends to reach their customers and convert more interactions to sales. In this way, good CRMs typically pay for themselves many times over, which is why 80% of businesses use CRMs, according to SoftClouds survey (via Grandview Research).

However, only about 25% of SMBs use CRMs, mainly due to the lack of expertise within their company to use and manage the CRM. This means that three-quarters of SMBs are leaving a hefty amount of money on the table by eschewing such a high ROI retail tool.

And while that might be bad news for SMBs overall, that’s good news for your business who can leap ahead of your competition by actually integrating a CRM system along with your instance of NewStore.

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What’s the Best CRM for NewStore Users?

NewStore has official integrations with three CRMs today. Let’s examine each of them:

Clutch: Best for Customer Loyalty

Clutch’s CRM is geared toward retention marketing, offering users a robust suite of features to offer loyalty programs and gift cards for repeat purchasing. Clutch also touts their predictive analytics to help retailers be proactive in identifying customers who are on the verge of being lost.

Listrak: Best for Unifying Data

Listrak’s CRM excels at cross-channel data unification, allowing retailers access to a powerful platform where they can monitor multiple channels of customer interaction. This way, users can see which customer campaigns are working in union to nurture shoppers, helping to identify the major sources of ROI across many different efforts.

Endear: Best for Clienteling

Endear’s CRM is built from the ground up with customer clienteling in mind: helping retail teams large and small deliver a white glove, personal shopper experience even for online audiences. Endear combines omnichannel marketing & monitoring with hyper-personalized segmentation to help the customer at every step in their shopping journey. And with AI tools like SalesChat to provide on-the-fly, live shopping support, Endear is the clear leader in clienteling and helping NewStore users close more deals.

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