Why Endear is the Best CRM for Heartland POS Users

Your search for the best CRM and clienteling platform for Heartland POS ends here. Learn more about why Endear is the best choice for your Heartland-powered business and integrate with one click.

Conversion happening at a store's point of sale

Heartland is one of the most popular Point-of-Sale (POS) systems in use today for retail businesses. It’s also one of the largest providers in the US today processing $80 billion in card transactions, with industry-specific solutions that can cater directly to your brand’s needs.

Yet as popular as Heartland’s POS is, it still works best when coupled with a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that has long-term relationships baked into the core of what they do. While POS systems excel at end-point interactions (ie. checkout), a great CRM solution caters to the lifetime of customer touchpoints that increase loyalty, raise average order values, and ultimately drive more sales.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s important for Heartland users to leverage a CRM platform that understands the long-term customer journey.

How does a CRM drive more sales?

A POS like Heartland is an amazing way to collect customer data at checkout, but data isn’t worth much if your team can’t glean actionable insights from it. A good CRM can analyze the data for you, giving your team ways to create a more personal relationship that drives engagement and sales.

In modern retail, a personalized customer journey is referred to as clienteling. In the past, this could take the form of a personal shopper who knows everything from a customer’s name, size, color palette, and wedding anniversary. Today, all this data (and more) are captured by a CRM to provide that intimate shopping experience.

And it works. According to Salesforce, clienteling can increase retention rates by as much as 200%. Endear’s own internal research shows that good clienteling also increases order frequency by over 100%, as well as a 19% increase in Average Order Value (AOV). All told, a little bit of clienteling goes a long way to driving more and sales and revenue for your retail brand.

One of the most effective ways a CRM drives sales is by making communications much more personal and effective. The average marketing email has an open rate of 17%, according to Campaign Monitor, with a click-through of a paltry 0.7%. SMS messages, on the other hand, have a near 100% open rate! Great CRM systems are set up so even small teams can leverage SMS for 1-on-1 conversations that feel more personal, and provide better sales & marketing messaging that customers respond to.

The content of these text messages are also informed by the CRM. Instead of a general promotion of whatever is on sale, imagine sending a message like this:

Customer viewing a Story sent from Endear.

A visually-dynamic lookbook like this (we call them Shoppable Stories) isn’t just better because of how it looks; it’s better because of how it’s curated. CRMs can intelligently curate a personalized Story that features products a customer will love, based on prior browsing history on your online store, purchase history, size, color, style, and more.

Psycho Bunny, a clothing retailer, understands the importance of this type of messaging:

“We have great adoption on Endear’s messaging tools. Everyone uses them and loves them! For example, Psycho Bunny releases our new collections as ‘drops’ of 10 to 15 styles with limited availability. We use Endear to notify our most loyal customers of these new drops so they can be the first to know about them. This makes them feel special and is great for our relationship.” Psycho Bunny case study

Why Heartland POS users Choose Endear’s CRM

Heartland users know that their POS system is capable of collecting valuable user data. That’s why they turn to Endear to leverage that data into actionable clienteling strategies like the ones mentioned above.

Endear integrates directly with Heartland, automatically pulling in customer data from the POS into the CRM so your team can start clienteling right away. Due to the ease of integration with both Heartland and popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, as well as the simple-to-use interface, Endear is quickly becoming a popular choice for retail brands.

If your business already uses Heartland’s POS, your team can take advantage of Endear’s suite of features including SMS messaging with templates, intelligent audience segmentation through Campaigns for targeted promotions, sales tracking & analytics, Shoppable Stories, and more.

Are you ready to integrate Endear’s clienteling CRM into your Heartland POS?

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