Meet The Marketing Frontman for LoveShackFancy

LoveShackFancy's senior director of marketing and communications, Liam McKessar, shares his take on physical retail's bright and connected future.

Endear's 20 Questions with Liam McKessar

20 Questions with Liam McKessar

In a new series from Endear, we interview retail experts to get their take on a variety of industry-specific questions - 20 of them, to be exact. Our latest interview in this series is with Liam McKessar, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for omnichannel consumer brand LoveShackFancy. Liam shares his perspective on how retail is evolving and changing over the course of 20 Questions with Endear.

How many years have you worked in retail?


Did you ever work in a retail store?


What's the best part about working in retail? Or the worst?

The best: front line customer feedback on your product. The worst: the customers

In five words or less, how would you describe the future of retail?

Immersive, tactile, unique (vs homogeneous)

The answer to your problems is always in your stores

What's your favorite way to be approached as a shopper? Or least favorite?

Acknowledgement when first entering store, approached about setting up a fitting room, attended for size alternatives in fitting room

In your opinion, what are some of the most important qualities or skills someone working in retail can have?

Positive demeanor, extensive product knowledge

Tell us about an experience you had with a particularly noteworthy customer.

Sketchy returns!

Fill in the blank: "Working in retail is great, unless you _____, then don't even think about it!"

are clinically depressed

Name a brand you think has a particularly great or unique approach to retail right now.

Moncler, Kith, Dior

What does the term clienteling mean to you?

Relationship building

What's your favorite thing to shop for?


What's the last thing you bought while shopping online?


What store(s) are you shopping IRL right now?

Brandy Melville

What was your favorite store/mall to shop as a kid?

Ralph Lauren

What was your first "big" retail purchase?

LV duffle bag in 2002

What technology trend do you think will have the largest impact on retail over the next 5 years? Over the next 20?

Anything that furthers the omni experience - sizing inventory, pick up / delivery, experiential marketing content, etc

What's a current retail trend you're excited about?

Any type of digital content integration

What's the best piece of advice you've gotten while working in retail?

The answer to your problems is always in your stores