How GANNI Increases Average Order Value by 28% with Endear

Discover how GANNI, the Scandi-cool fashion brand, increased its Average Order Value by 28% with Endear's CRM tool. Read insights from Sophia Wood, Global Retail Excellence Manager at GANNI, on their success and strategies for customer engagement and outreach.

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If fashion had a yearbook, GANNI would definitely win "Most Likely to Be Your New Best (Dressed) Friend." Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, GANNI is all about that effortless, Scandi-cool vibe. Think laid-back luxury with a side of playful charm. The brand was founded in 2000, but it really hit its stride when Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup took the reins in 2009. Since then, it's been a whirlwind of success, making waves on the international fashion scene.

Today, GANNI boasts 70 locations around the world, bringing bold styles in women’s apparel and accessories to both casual shoppers and ardent acolytes (perhaps you’ve heard the term GANNI Girl?) alike. And along their journey, they’ve brought Endear along to help manage and execute their customer outreach.

We had a chat with Sophia Wood, Global Retail Excellence Manager at GANNI, about the brand and how they use Endear in their day-to-day.

Hi Sophia! Tell us, what does a “Global Retail Excellence” manager do?

Just about everything but operations and opening stores, really. Collection training, onboarding, anything to make the sales teams jobs easier. I have a part in driving traffic and optimizing the sales process. Even though we have 70 stores around the world, it’s a relatively small management team. There’s one operations manager, two people opening stores, and me.

Can you tell us what makes a GANNI Girl?

The GANNI Girl is not one single polished persona - it’s a plural. GANNI Girls is a movement, a mindset and an attitude, that isn’t constricted to binary genders.These people march to the beat of their own drum. They’ve become a fiercely independent and confident community, whose personal style is a form of self-expression. It’s a lifestyle rather than a sense of style. They wear the dress, it doesn’t wear them.

We know “Responsibility” is a big ethos of GANNI. Tell us a little about what that means.

GANNI is a B Corp certified company, on a journey to become the most responsible version of itself. They believe it’s a moral obligation to do better every day, which has led the brand to collaborate with its supply chain on reducing its emissions as part of GANNI’s carbon insetting scheme. The brand publishes an annual Responsibility Report to publicly share its progress and has committed to a 50% absolute carbon reduction by 2027 vs a 2021 baseline.

As part of the 2023 report GANNI reported a 7% absolute reduction in carbon emissions from the 2021 baseline, marking significant progress in its environmental impact, considering the brand’s average annual financial growth rate of 18% since 2021. As part of the brand’s ongoing endeavors to choose certified and innovative fabrics, GANNI is committed to having 100% of collections made from certified recycled, organic, or preferred materials in the future.

In 2023 GANNI achieved its goal of phasing out all virgin leather from all coming RTW shoes and accessories collections. GANNI currently has a 100% product traceability on Tier 1 suppliers and subcontractors and aims to achieve visibility across GANNI’s full supply chain by 2025.

That’s truly wonderful to hear. So tell us about how GANNI came to Endear.

We wanted to find one tool that all our stores could use to reach out to customers. We had to be agile, and I wanted something that would be up and running within a month or two. We researched other CRM tools but kept coming back to Endear. I loved the creative Stories tool and knew our teams would love it too as they love to share curated products in their outreach!  

And what problem were you trying to solve with Endear?

We wanted to provide a service to customers, to elevate their experience and make sure the service lived outside our doors as well, not just on the sales floor. When I started working in retail 16 years ago, it was a bit boring! You’re always just standing in the store and waiting for customers to come in. That retail experience wasn’t very proactive, because if customers  didn’t come in, there wasn’t anything to do. 

Then we started doing more omnichannel and we saw more action. We could actually drive traffic into the store. Implementing Endear’s CRM tool seemed like the perfect next step, it gave our teams a way to actively drive that traffic into our stores. And quality traffic at that.

Just doing omnichannel is great for blurring the lines between ecommerce and retail, but it often wouldn’t send that quality traffic we were looking for. Customers are coming, but they’re not necessarily staying. We learned that if you personally reach out as a service to them, they stay.

Engaging with customers is huge for loyalty. What features do your team use the most for engagement?

We mostly send text messages through Endear. Then we use your reporting to watch the reply rate, conversion rate, and average days-to-convert. We use these metrics to help our teams strategize around when to send out messages, especially around weekends.

Over a weekend?

We noticed that when we would send messages on Thursday, the average days-to-convert went up to seven days. So we decided to send earlier in the week to secure traffic on the weekend.

That’s a big win! What other wins have you seen using Endear for outreach?

Average Order Value is the one most directly linked to Endear efforts, and we’ve seen a 28% increase in AOV from the start.

Wow that's really incredible actually.

We’ve noticed with Endear how customers gravitate towards our best seller items, leopard jeans and ballerinas for example, there’s a sense of urgency and hype attached to these products, reaching out to customers when these items are back in stock is not just great service it’s also direct sales. We also know that our customers  might want other similar best selling products. So our team will send them a picture of, say, a bag and include a payment link – which is key. Sending a direct payment link helps make the conversion happen.

The customers we reach out to are more inclined to buy the higher-end products. So using Endear, we adapt the auto-emails that remind them about abandoned carts: “hey, you forgot this. Are you still thinking about this product? We’ve got one left.” By using concepts we know from ecommerce’s “abandoned basket” and “notify me” function, we’ve seen a lift in conversion too.

How has been your experience working with Endear’s team?

I have never experienced anything like how the Endear team has been working with me, I feel very special as a customer. [Our Sales Rep] Ashley is great, she feels like a friend. [Our Account Manager] Davis is also the most helpful person I’ve ever met. Everyone is super nice.

When we were evaluating one of your competitors, we had to sign an NDA just to watch a demo! It made the meeting feel really intense. We like the more casual, partnership and friendly feel of Endear.

Plus it’s been so nice to work with a team where if there isn’t already a certain feature we want, they’ll say “let me try to find a work around” and they do.

Would you recommend Endear to other brands in your space?

I would and I have recommended you to a lot of brands. You should be getting a call from a few brands in Denmark soon…

Thank you Sophia! For more information on GANNI, check out their site. And if your brand wants to see AOV gains like them, contact Endear today for a free demo (no NDA required).