Get more out of your Square customer data

Enjoy a real-time feed of customer data and order history to personalize your outreach and increase sales.

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Helping hundreds of brands grow their physical retail sales

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Free, pre-built Square Integration

Connect in just a few clicks with our pre-built, easy-to-use integration to Square. Start seeing real-time and historic customer data in your account within minutes.

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Real-time Data At Your Fingertips

Endear automatically syncs all your historic and real-time customer data, order history, and product info so you always have the most update information.

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Personalized Customer Outreach

Build custom segments that auto update to maximize your amount of customer outreach. Endear will automatically track how your messages converts into sales.

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"Endear is a great platform to build relationships with our clients and make their experience shopping with us more personal and catered to their style."

Taylor Willis, Alo Yoga


Thanks to an air-tight integration, connecting Square to Endear requires no tech lift from your end. Once you integrate, you'll see your customers, orders, and products automatically populate in your account.

Features that scale with you

  • CRM that updates in real-time

  • Library of pre-built integrations

  • Data-driven customer profiles

  • Centralized messaging inbox

  • Flexible subscriptions

  • 24/7 live chat support

  • Unlimited users

  • Lookbook Story builder

  • Customizable plans

  • ROI-based reporting

  • Mobile app for iOS & Android

  • Omnichannel sales tracking

  • Custom audience segment builder

  • Roles & permissions

  • Historical and real-time data sync

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