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Endear is the premiere clienteling solution for Shopify. Install Endear with one click and start seeing sales immediately.

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Easy As 1-2-3


Start your free 14-day trial by installing Endear from the Shopify App Store.


Endear imports all your customer data, order history, and product inventory and continues to sync it for as long as you use Endear.

Sell Smarter

Now your sales team can target customers and keep them buying while Endear tracks outreach.

Get To Know Your Customers

View customers' shopping activity across all channels and locations and use this customer data to determine who to reach out to and when.

Get Started On Your Own. For Free.

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DIY Onboarding

No demos or calls with our sales team required until you’re ready, in which case we’d love to chat.

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Live Feed

Endear keeps all your Shopify data about customers, orders and products updated in real-time so you never miss a beat.

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14 Days Free

Use Endear for free for 14 days. If you love it, keep going! Otherwise you can cancel at any time.

Not On Shopify POS? No Problem.

Endear also works with Heartland Retail and Teamwork Commerce. Integrate your platforms with Endear to get a unified view of your customers and increase your team's ability to sell.

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