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Your data matters. Here's what to expect.

Explore the critical aspects of data privacy and security in CRM software with The Clienteling Data Privacy & Security Checklist from Endear. This checklist delves into threats to have on your radar, such as data breaches and loss, unauthorized access, and phishing attacks. It also outlines proactive measures you - and your tech partners - can take to secure sensitive customer data and comply with data protection regulations while growing their retail business.

Discover proactive measures for more secure retail clienteling operations. Address potential concerns and comply with data protection regulations.

Enhance customer trust with our comprehensive checklist.

Data Security & Privacy in CRM

Safeguard against bad actors while staying GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Potential Concerns & Solutions

Address data, employee-induced, and third-party risks for a more secure CRM.

Proactive Steps for a Secure CRM

Ensure high software standards for minimal security risks.

Our Holistic Approach to CRM Security

Integrate digital and physical security for end-to-end data protection.

Questions about how to keep your customer data safe?