Unlocking Success: How PatBO Leverages Endear's CRM to Boost Customer Engagement and Sales

Discover how PatBO utilizes Endear's CRM to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. Learn from Emily Harris, Senior Omnichannel Manager at PatBO, about their journey and the impactful metrics achieved with Endear's clienteling features.

Editorial shots mixed with the front row of a PatBo fashion show

It’s not just PatBO’s name that’s inspired by founder and creative director, Patricia Bonaldi, but also the apparel brand’s aesthetics, style, and target audience. With two flagship locations in NYC and Miami, and available across dozens of stores around the world, PatBO has become a beloved brand by its customers who obsess over their everyday collections, their swimwear line, and even their bridal selections.

That's why we were thrilled to chat with Emily Harris, Senior Omnichannel Manager at PatBO, to learn more about the brand, its deep relationship to its customers, and how their team leverages Endear’s many clienteling features to increase both engagement and revenue.

Hi Emily! Tell us about the lifestyle that PatBO wants to exemplify.

We want to exemplify the strong, independent, bold woman who also wants to have fun. Maybe she’s a successful corporate woman. Or she’s the type who likes to travel, or attend charity galas. She takes herself seriously in some respects and not-so-much in others.

PatBO caters to those who are really confident as well as feminine; someone who likes to stand out and isn’t afraid of color. Our audience has a big age-range, and we have products at different price-points to accommodate everyone. Our runway line may be an aspirational price-point, for example, while our swimwear line is more entry level.

PatBO’s designs and aesthetics really are bold and colorful. How involved is your founder, Patricia, in guiding the style of the brand?

Patricia is involved in everything! She’s so close to our team in New York, and she just went to Miami to visit the store and the team there. She’s always connecting with people, she’s always doing an event. She was just at Sak’s to do an event with some wholesale partners.

From design to execution, she’s involved until the very last moment.

We know PatBO has always tried to connect closely to their customers. Why were you looking for a CRM like Endear?

Retail is super successful at certain times of the year, but we knew that better clienteling could help us be more successful, consistently. If we could just build up our client lists. If we could improve our customer engagement process. We wanted our retail employees to have a way to build up those client lists and use them as a lever when we have product and seasonal drops.

And it changes by area. Our Miami location has its high period of the season, which might be different from our New York location. And outside of that high period, say in the middle of August, are they doing the same amount of sales? What tools could we be giving them so they could be successful year-round?

We also wanted a way to give our employees the credit they deserve for the sales that they were generating. If an online sale is impacted by someone at a PatBO store, we want to know about it. It motivates them to do the sort of reaching out to customers that matters.

With Endear, we plan on expanding that online channel; have someone fully dedicated to online clienteling.

If an online sale is impacted by someone at a PatBO store, we want to know about it. It motivates them to do the sort of reaching out to customers that matters.

How did you come to find Endear?

When we opened our store in Miami, we talked to people in the design district, and your name kept coming up! We have similar clientele, so we looked into Endear and thought “oh perfect, that’s what we’ve been looking for!”

We love customer referrals! So which reports and features in Endear does your team use the most?

The filtering is really great, the different ways to make a client list. Who is this person? Who should we be clienteling to? Are we five miles from them?

We look at attributed sales, number of messages sent, open rate, just about all of the metrics around messaging.

Endear is such a great tool, but you also need to make sure that your retail employees are utilizing it in the best possible way. Our core marketing team creates a lot of the messages and the lookbooks for them to use when there are product drops.

Tell us about some of the most eye-popping metrics you’ve seen from using Endear.

It’s the amount of revenue generated through Endear in such a short amount of time. Sales generated through Endear contributed to over 15% of the total store sales in April. Also, the engagement rate we’re seeing through Endear too. Our reply rate is nearly 25%! The amount of responses we get to the more personalized messages we’re sending out; it shows that people want to engage with us, and Endear helps us do that. Even just reaching out to customers after they make a purchase with a heartfelt “thank you” has been great.

We’re seeing higher loyalty, more return sales. When we assign customers to our team, they’re having more success garnering sales with every product drop, every sale we’re having. We can pull those clienteling levers to make a difference.

PatBO x Endear: By The Numbers


Messages Sent


Response Rate


Avg. Open Rate

Does Endear save your team time?

No, but in a good way! We’ve been using Endear to really be thoughtful about how we reach out to our customers. So we’ve actually increased the time we spend on clienteling, but that was the whole goal with Endear in the first place.

Through Endear, we’ve empowered our retail employees to work from home if they want to connect with customers, to reach and exceed their sales goals. They can work whenever they want.

How has your experience been with Endear’s team? Would you recommend the platform to other retailers in your space?

It’s been amazing. I love Thomas at Endear! He’s really amazing, such a great support to us. He’s been so helpful for trainings, and he’s always just a phone call away.

We also met some amazing women from Endear at their Women in Retail panel back in March for Women’s History Month, so I think your team is just incredible.

I recommend Endear 100% to others in our space.

Thanks Emily! For more on PatBO, check out their website. To learn more about how Endear can elevate your brand’s clienteling, contact us today for a free demo.