How Judith Bright Increased Customer Loyalty and Frequency with Endear

Learn how high-end jewelry brand, Judith Bright, increased conversions and store visits with Endear.

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About Judith Bright

Nashville-based jeweler Judith Bright launched her business in 2007 and quickly saw her hand-made pieces featured on popular TV shows such as Gossip Girl and Samantha Who. Riding the wave, Judith opened her first store in 2010 in Green Hills, TN. Now the brand operates two permanent locations and supports a team of talented local artisans and gurus who are committed to providing top-notch products to customers near and far. An Endear customer since the start of 2021, Judith Bright has counted on the app to amplify the power of its clienteling strategy.

We got together with Brooke Ferguson, Judith Bright's Nashville Store Manager, to hear how Endear has impacted their retail business.

Judith Bright with Endear

32x ROI

On Endear subscription


Conversion rate on messages


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What was the problem you were looking to solve by seeking out a retail technology?

The main problem our company was looking to resolve was a more efficient way to clientele with our guests. As a small business, we like to send thank-you notes after each purchase, and we wanted a platform that could help us do this with the influx of sales we were receiving and to build a relationship with our loyal customers.

How has Endear helped you solve that problem?

We have seen a growth in sales in the past six months by using Endear and have seen a [customer] return rate from our customers that have been reached through the app. It has also helped us maintain and simplify our outreach to our customers. 

Endear has helped not only grow our revenue but our client outreach. The team is also swift to answer questions and eager to help us set up any segments we need. The perfect database to help our clientele needs!

Brooke Ferguson, Nashville Store Manager @ Judith Bright

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