Revolutionizing Retail: How ettitude Transformed Pop-Up Success with Endear

Dive into the success story of sustainable brand, ettitude, and their LA pop-up. Discover the role of Endear in seamless customer engagement, tailored promotions, and a remarkable 300% sales boost.

ettitude store interior

Picture this: CleanBamboo™ fabric, eco-forward products, and sheets that care for both the skin and the planet. Founded in 2014, ettitude ventured into the heart of retail with a pop-up from October 2019 - April 2020 on Abott Kinney in LA, making waves in one of the country's trendiest shopping hubs.

Challenges Unveiled: Bridging the Gap Between Locals and Tourists

The pop-up faced a dual challenge: locals juggling shopping bags and tourists discovering the brand for the first time who might not want to carry around a sheet set while they travel. Melissa Kantor, ettitude's Marketing Manager, knew that touching and feeling the revolutionary fabrics was key. Enter Endear, the game-changer. Associates used Endear to collect customer information at the pop-up, track preferences, and seamlessly follow up via email and text.

The result? An agile strategy catering to immediate purchases for locals and later online orders for visiting tourists.

Smart Tactics: Tailored Outreach and Exclusive Promotions

Harnessing Endear's capabilities, the retail team crafted tailored promotions, extending Black Friday, Valentine's Day, and Presidents Day weekend sales exclusively for pop-up visitors. Endear's precision targeting by zip codes and purchase history ensured the right customers received these exclusive offers.

According to Mel, the impact was substantial, with Monday and Tuesday sales rivaling weekends. Endear's data revealed a 300% month-over-month sales boost during the pop-up, boasting a 3% conversion rate on outreach.


Sales boost month-over-month during the pop-up


Conversion rate on outreach

Endear's Role in the Success Story

Working hand in hand with ettitude, Endear became the linchpin of their pop-up triumph. From acquiring new customers to seamlessly integrating with organic foot traffic, Endear enabled customers to choose their unique path to purchase. The team's average 3% conversion rate stands as a testament to the effectiveness of personalized outreach.

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