How ettitude Used Endear to Optimize Their Pop-Up

ettitude store interior

Learn how organic home essentials brand ettitude used Endear to build brand loyalty and customer retention at their LA pop-up.

ettitude is a sustainable lifestyle brand that delivers silky-soft luxury bedding, sleepwear and other home essentials directly to its customers. Using the world's first CleanBamboo™ fabric, the brand offers eco-forward products that are as gentle on the skin as they are on the planet.

Founded in 2014, the company launched its first pop-up in October, 2019 in one of the most popular shopping areas in the country, Abott Kinney in LA. The objective: show off how silky-soft the brand's fabrics are thanks to their sustainable materials and manufacturing. The strategy behind the pop-up was to introduce potential customers to ettitude's revolutionary fabrics IRL. In describing why they opened the pop-up, Melissa Kantor, the brand's marketing manager said, "We can only describe the softness of our sheets so much, but being able to give customers the opportunity to actually touch and feel it is invaluable."

Being located in such a hot spot created two challenges for the brand, whose pop-up audience was divided between locals and tourists. The challenge with local customers is that they may not have wanted to carry around sheets fit for a Queen (mattress) while they continued to shop in the neighborhood - the team wanted to make sure these customers had a choice between purchasing right on the spot or ordering later from the comfort of their homes. Tourists, on the other hand, may be learning about the brand for the first time, so it was important for the retail team to have the ability to stay in touch and continue to educate the customer without putting pressure to purchase immediately.

That's where Endear came in. Associates at the store could overcome both of these challenges by relying on Endear to collect customer information and keep track of the products that customers were most interested in. Then, when the time came, they were able to follow up with customers over email and text, ensuring they had all the details they needed by sending them virtual lookbooks of the products they favored. New customers were also rewarded for sharing their details with bandana-style swatches of ettitude's revolutionary textile - what better way to remind shoppers just how good the product was?

To make the most of their time on Abbott Kinney, the retail team also encouraged their community to visit the store by offering unique promotions available only at their pop-up, such as an extended sales for Black Friday, Valentines Day, and Presidents Day weekend. But in order to ensure that these special offers were only shared with customers who could actually take advantage, the team again turned to Endear to narrow down their outreach by relevant zip codes and purchase history. According to Mel, the results were tremendous, with sales on Mondays and Tuesdays rivaling their typical weekend performance. In fact, according to data collected through Endear, sales over the course of the pop-up increased 300% month-over-month as associates ramped up their outreach to customers. By the end, the team had an average 3% conversion rate on their outreach, meaning that for every 100 people they contacted, 3 ended up making a purchase.

We were so thrilled to work with ettitude and to be part of their pop-up experience. We were impressed with the way they leveraged Endear to acquire new customers, introduce their store's organic foot traffic to the brand, and ensure that customers could pick their own path to purchase. We hope that their experience inspires how you tackle your own IRL adventure.