The Best Retail CRM for Kustomer Users to Elevate the Customer Experience

Discover how Endear enhances Kustomer for retail brands, elevating customer experience across all touchpoints.

Endear + Kustomer launch

Retail brands that use Kustomer for their customer support already understand the key to fostering brand loyalty: delivering a great customer experience. In today’s competitive environment, the brands that can grow loyalty with their audience are best poised not just to weather the downswings of the market, but also to grow in sales.

Studies show that customers spend 43% more with brands that they are loyal to, and in fact, 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. Kustomer knows that a happy customer is a loyal one, which is why their platform is all about providing customer service that is fast, accurate, and personal. But providing support is just one part in the much longer customer journey that spans everything from brand discovery to in-store transactions to returns and remarketing.

So how can retail brands that use Kustomer take the principle of great customer experience and apply it across the board?

Why a Clienteling CRM is Key for Retail Growth

When a retail brand can provide an elevated, personalized shopping experience throughout the customer journey, that’s called clienteling. In short, clienteling is providing the in-store concierge experience to shoppers no matter if it’s at a brick & mortar location or via the brand’s ecommerce site.

Clienteling has been shown to deliver immense ROI – customers who use Endear see an average return on investment of 94X – not only because better engagement leads to higher order values (which it does), but more so because it creates loyal customers who not only shop more frequently, but also creates brand evangelists who bring new customers to the fold.

Kustomer users already see higher brand engagement because of the stellar customer service the platform affords. Now with Endear’s retail CRM in conjunction with Kustomer, retail brands can apply clienteling principles that keep customers engaged at every step by delivering personalized messaging that is based on each specific customer’s data.

For example, Endear allows sales & marketing teams to intelligently segment customer leads based on, say, proximity to a physical store. Then, emails can be sent to this segment with a highly relevant in-store promotion to increase foot traffic.

Endear campaign for in store promo sent via text

When a customer responds, a sales associate can continue a 1:1 conversation via SMS, even helping them shop virtually with the use of curated lookbooks, called Shoppable Stories, that can be sent right within Endear’s platform.

And if the customer is shopping online and needs help in real time, Endear’s SalesChat can connect them with a human sales rep to assist their purchasing decision.

With these features and more, brands can expand on the exceptional customer service that they already see with Kustomer. Just think of Endear as the CRM that allows for omnichannel clienteling, not limited to just certain support interactions.

How Endear CRM Integrates with Kustomer

Kustomer already integrates with Endear and once coupled, the data in Kustomer will populate to Endear right away. There is no tech lift and integration is enabled with the click of a button.

By having access to Kustomer data, brands can leverage this information within Endear to set up marketing segments, automations, SMS campaigns, and more. For example, if Kustomer stored a support conversation about a particular beauty product that led to a sale, that data can be used to trigger a message via Endear to recommend related products or to notify the customer in a few weeks when they’re due for a repurchase.

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