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While Endear is a CRM built for consumer brands, we love partnering with top agencies, solutions, and experts in the industry to give our customers all the resources they need to increase sales and engagement.

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We believe sales shouldn't depend on an algorithm.

Endear's Shoppable Stories are shared via text, email, or WhatsApp directly with the customer base your clients have already worked so hard to build. Customers can browse, add to cart, and checkout without ever leaving the story.

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A blog for omnichannel brands

We'll keep you up-to-date on all the latest retail trends so you can make the best decisions for your clients' retail strategy.

Modern Retail

Maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) in retail

Calculating and keeping a pulse on your brand's CLV is the key to maximizing customer lifetime value.

By Robert Woo
Mar 8, 2022
Rebag store

Case Studies

How Rebag Uses Clienteling to Educate Their Customers on the Growing Resale Market

Endear co-founder, Leigh Sevin, attends Retail Innovation Week and explains how Rebag leverages Endear to build loyalty and expand their customers' knowledge of the resale space.

By Leigh Sevin
Jun 22, 2021

Product News

6 Unparalleled Reasons to Choose Endear as your Retail CRM

Deciding on a new technology solution can feel like a daunting task for an established retail brand, but Endear offers the best tools to simplify and expand customer outreach that can capture sales you'd otherwise miss.

By Leigh Sevin
Mar 4, 2021

Modern Retail

The Top 3 Shopify Plus Apps your Shopify-Powered Brand Needs for Modern Retail

A short list of the best Shopify Plus apps your Shopify-powered store needs to grow your modern clienteling initiatives.

By Casey Drake
Oct 12, 2021
woman checking out in store

Best Practices

Your Top Retail Tech Solutions for Physical Retail

These retail tech solutions are helping to modernize the way brick-and-mortar stores do business.

By Leigh Sevin
Apr 25, 2021

4 best review apps for Shopify Plus

Posting product feedback from customers is a must-have in today's online market. We've compiled a list that walks you through actionable tactics and highlights the best review apps for Shopify Plus to get your review campaign up and running.

By Nick Veneris
Feb 15, 2022

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