Drive more conversations, and conversions, for your accessories brand.

Discover how Endear helps brands like Loeffler Randall, Rebag, Schutz, and more retain customers while growing their sales and foot traffic.

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Turn customers into loyalists.

Empower your sales team to stay in touch with customers via text and email, and connect on a more personal level across stores and online.

"I've used every CRM from Salesforce down and Endear is the best one I've found for us."

Geronimo C., VP of Retail @ Rebag

Koio sneaker from Endear clienteling launch

How Koio Saw Store Sales Soar for Latest Sneaker Drop

Sneaker brand, Koio, upped its marketing game for the new Tempo sneaker by leveraging Endear to invite local customers to shop the new product at their Koio store.

Offer styling advice from anywhere.

Give personalized styling tips and product recommendations both IRL and while they shop with you online. Plus, share curated, clickable product recommendations that shorten a customers' path to purchase.

"Our staff is able to know names and details about each client and it has turned into the clients coming back to purchase."

Valerie T., Retail Ambassador @ Parker Clay

Target the right audience.

From purchase history to order location, layer the right details together to target the right audience for welcome notes, promotions, or thank yous. Build a better relationship with your customers, not a higher SPAM score.

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