A Modern CRM Designed For Modern Retail

Target your customers based on their behavior online and in-person. From purchase history to order location, layer the right details together to target the right audience.

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Sales Associates As Omnichannel As Your Brand

Equip your sales team with shopper data that spans your physical and digital retail presence, including customers' order history and purchase behavior.

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Sell Smarter with Endear

Brand or retailer? Invigorate your retail sales strategy with retail's premiere clienteling app.

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10 Best CRMs for Shopify Merchants

Choosing the best CRM for your Shopify store doesn't have to be difficult. This guide will review everything from what a CRM is and why it is important to know what the top omnichannel CRM options.

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What Is a Retail CRM: Why and How to Use One for Your Retail Business

Learn what is unique about a CRM for retail and why it’s critical for you to roll one out for your retail sales team.