How Todd Snyder hit a 38% click-through conversion rate with Endear

Learn how Todd Snyder partnered with Endear to create a seamless clienteling experience at scale and increase conversion rates in just one month. 

Todd Snyder with Endear: Engagement Analytics

Within their first month using Endear, Todd Snyder's messaging analytics showed:


Conversion Rate


Click-through Conversion Rate


Open Rate on messages sent through Endear

Endear has been a great partner in working toward my goals within the business. Their technology is extremely intuitive – I was able to get a team of 8 up and running within a week!

Allyson Holleb, Director of Customer Experience @ Todd Snyder


Since launching their flagship store in 2016, Todd Snyder has become the modern gentleman’s top destination for effortless everyday luxuries. With a combination of wholesale, brick-and-mortar, and eCom, Todd Snyder’s apparel reflects the belief that well-made clothes make the man – without sacrificing versatility or comfort.

Todd Snyder needed a way to stay connected with VIP customers 

The Challenge

As a high-end fashion pioneer, Todd Snyder prides themselves on fostering long-term relationships with top clients. The retail team initially relied on a manual white-glove customer experience at their physical locations – but as sales channels became increasingly fragmented, in-store service was no longer enough to engage customers post-purchase.

The team wanted to make the most of their omnichannel presence to suit shoppers’ lifestyles on the go. That’s why they partnered with Endear.

Endear empowers Todd Snyder with premium clienteling

The Solution

Todd Snyder had one goal when they teamed up with Endear: to provide loyal customers with a high-touch shopping experience and regular product updates. To do that, they needed an effective way to scale their personalized touch, both in stores and online. Endear’s omnichannel CRM was the perfect tool for this.

Equipped with actionable customer insights, Todd Snyder developed a consistent schedule to connect with VIP clients and introduce them to  the right products at the right time. This ensured customers could have a successful shopping journey across all channels. Ultimately, the Endear solution enabled premium clienteling and turned Todd Snyder’s retail associates into trustworthy shopping partners.

Endear redefines Todd Snyder’s omnichannel customer experience

The Results

Here’s an overview of the metrics so far: 

  • 13% conversion rate within one month on Endear
  • 38% click-through conversion rate
  • 32% open rate on messages sent through Endear

On top of crushing conversion rate, Endear was responsible for  55% of sales in the first 4 weeks, with customers purchasing within a week of receiving a message on the platform.

Apart from amplifying performance, Endear has played a key role in elevating the retail team’s customer experience vision. Todd Snyder isn’t selling clothing - they're selling a lifestyle. Flawless clienteling lies at the heart of it. 

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