Todd Snyder store front

Jul 24, 2019

How Todd Snyder grew their clienteling business in their first month of Endear

Learn how the Todd Snyder retail team achieved a 13% conversion rate in just their first month on Endear.

By Dorea Novaez, Contributor @ Endear

About Todd Snyder

High-end men's fashion retailer Todd Snyder offers effortless everyday luxuries for the modern gentleman. Blending Savile Row craftsmanship with a downtown New York aesthetic, the line is relaxed, refined and always impeccably tailored. With an emphasis on versatility and comfort, Todd Snyder's clothes reflect the company's commitment to the belief that well-made, perfectly fitted clothes make the man.

Having opened its flagship store in NYC in 2016, the company continues to operate a multi-channel sales model consisting of both a physical and digital presence as well as a traditional wholesale model with high-end boutiques and department stores.

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Todd Snyder powered by Endear

With its dedication to a high-touch shopping experience, Todd Snyder came to Endear in order to ensure that their retail team was properly leveraging the brand's digital and physical presence in order to suit their shoppers' on-the-go lifestyle. Through the app, the Todd Snyder team in New York could keep their most engaged audience informed of the latest and greatest products, and make it easy for those customers to shop by whatever means suited them.

Within their first month of using Endear, the messages they sent had a 31.4% open rate, and a 13% conversion rate - messages that were opened had a whopping 37.5% conversion rate. Of all the sales the generated in their first 4 weeks on the app, 55% of them occurred within a week of receiving a message through Endear.

While consistent outreach to their VIP customers was certainly a priority for Todd Snyder, these metrics highlighted the power of conversation and relationship-building compared to 1-way email marketing, whose impact was hard to measure. The retail team has enhanced the company's larger brand experience and set their customers up for success by ensuring that they always have access to a knowledgable resource that can help them navigate the brand's selection and uncover the right products for them.