Personalize The Remote Shopping Experience

Share curated, clickable product recommendations that shorten your customers' path to purchase.

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Share the Right Products with the Right Customers

Narrow down your e-commerce site into a single, customized lookbook page so shoppers only see the products most relevant to them. Lookbooks can link back to your website, or motivate customers to come visit you in-store.

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Shop from Anywhere

Lookbooks empower customers to continue shopping at home or on-the-go with Endear's story-like experience. See how lookbooks transform across devices with examples from our team and our customers.

Clothes on a rack

Incorporate Products Directly into Messages

Endear makes it easy to insert lookbooks into emails & texts thanks to a real-time feed of your brand's products. Get a lookbook delivered to your inbox to see lookbooks from the customer's perspective.

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