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Thanks for checking out a lookbook! Lookbooks are just one of many features that we at Endear can offer to brands who are interested in providing a more personalized shopping experience for their customers.

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Lookbooks Are Just the Beginning

There's a lot to love about Endear, with lookbooks being just one of the many features we have to help our brands sell smarter.

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A CRM designed specifically for retail

A high-touch, personal shopping experience is crucial for increasing AOV and total spend. Endear's CRM and customer segmenting capabilities for email and text lets your salespeople bring this individualized experience in-store or online.

Messaging with clients like you'd message with a friend

Equip your team with the customer data they need to send relevant and effective messages over email and text. With Endear's personalization filters and audience segmenting, your sales team can send bulk messages that look like they were sent one-by-one. Plus, our two-way text and email means customers can respond to messages with questions and learn more about products in a conversational format.

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The sales tracking metrics you really need

Compare performance by salesperson, location, or channel to see who and what is driving your revenue each month. Then, analyze your sales in Endear and view the messages that drove them so you can increase customer spending in the future. Use these insights to motivate your team with omnichannel commissions.

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