Elevate your virtual shopping experience with SalesChat

Enable live customer connections. Offer instant product advice. Deliver an ultra personalized experience to help them find exactly what they're looking for.

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Acquire new customers through personalized virtual shopping.

Choose the pages you want SalesChat to appear and pop-up to say hey to your highest potential shoppers. Or let customers come to you, and be available to answer real-time product questions and offer advice.

Boost cart size with hand-picked product recommendations. Foster customer loyalty through real-time conversations. Gather insights into customer behavior, preferences, and frequently asked questions. Unlock your virtual shopping potential with SalesChat.

SalesChat live chat for sales from Endear

Chat in real time

Provide real-time answers, personalized recommendations, and the ability to see products up close.

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Boost cart size

Upsell with ease with hand-picked product recommendations at the most critical time in the customer journey.

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Integrate seamlessly

No coding required. Add virtual shopping to your ecommerce site in just a few clicks.

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Minimize returns

Help them buy with confidence, building long-term loyalty and minimizing returns.

Modernize your virtual shopping

Customer segmentation from Endear icon

Acquire online shoppers

by delivering a premium and convenient customer experience.

Analytics and sales attribution from Endear icon

Modernize your retail

with a personalized alternative to traditional live chat.

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Connect anytime

from your preferred website pages to your customers in real-time.

Virtual Shopping with SalesChat vs. Regular Customer Support Chat

And why you should have both.

Endear SalesChat vs Support Chat

Join the modern brands doing more for their customers with Endear

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