The first and only clienteling app certified for Shopify Plus merchants.

Integrate with one click to give your team the power of first-party data. Better engage with customers and drive more sales.

Shopify Plus merchants on Endear

That's right! Endear is now officially a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner.

Trusted by 800+ stores around the globe.

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Get to Know Your Customers

See customer shopping activity across all channels and locations, and use this customer data to determine who to reach out to and when.

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Easy as 1-2-3

First step to installing Endear for Shopify


Try us for free for 14-days by installing Endear from the Shopify Plus App Store, or right here in the top right corner of our site.

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One-Click Import

Thanks to our air-tight integration, we'll import all your customer data, order history, and product inventory, and continues to sync it for as long as you use Endear.

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Sell Smarter on Shopify Plus

Easily target the right customers with the right products, both in store and online, while Endear tracks how outreach converts into sales.

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One Unified Shopify Plus Experience

Whether you team uses Shopify Plus online, in-store, or both, Endear's got you covered with a unified view of all your customers, orders, and products.

Multi-Store Support

Add multiple store instances into one Endear account so that your entire organization can work together across store locations and countries.

If it's in Shopify, it's in Endear.

Give users access to data from loyalty apps, email platforms, or inventory management systems in order to enhance their their customer segmentation and improve their outreach.

Sell Smarter Using Your Shopify Plus Data

Get a free consultation with one of our Shopify experts to learn how Endear can elevate your sales in 2022.

Get Started On Your Own. For Free.

Our powerful integration makes getting started a breeze - no dollars or time wasted. Sign up and connect your store or install through Shopify Plus.

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DIY Onboarding

No demos or calls with our sales team required to get started. Unless you'd like one, in which case we’d love to chat.

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Live Data Feed

Endear maintains all your Shopify data about customers, orders, and products updated in real-time so you never miss a beat.

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No Longterm Commitment

Get started today and try Endear for free for 14 days, no longterm commitment required. Ever.

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