Share Endear, earn $200

Earn up to $200 per brand you refer to Endear and they'll get 30% off their first 3 months. Together, we can help keep retail stores open for business by providing the technology teams need to drive more sales. We call that a win/win/win.

Here's How It Works

The Process

Share your personal referral link with someone at another brand who has never used Endear. You'll start earning rewards when they book and attend a demo with our team. Once they become a qualifying Endear customer, you'll earn up to $200 per brand you refer.

Rewards For You

First, earn $50 when the person from the brand you refer books and attends a demo with our team. Then, earn an additional $150 when they finish their 2-week free trial and become a qualifying Endear customer. Your reward(s) will be in the form of a digital gift card to your choice of over 200 vendors like Amazon, WholeFoods, or Sephora.

Rewards For Them

Once the brand you refer finishes their 2-week free trial, they'll earn 30% off their total Endear subscription cost for their first 3 months.