Share Endear, earn $400

That's right: earn up to $400 per brand you refer to Endear and they'll get 30% off their first 3 months. Together, we can take the IRL retail experience across channels and motivate your team to drive more sales. We call that a win/win/win.

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Here's How It Works


Step 1.

Share your personal referral link with a qualified referee at a brand that's new to Endear.

Who's considered qualified?

Step 2.

Your referee can use your link or referral code to book a demo or sign up for a 14-day free trial of Endear.


Step 3.

You'll get $100 when your referee attends a demo. If they become a paying customer, you'll get another $300. That's $400 bucks!

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Rewards For You

You'll earn $100 when your qualified referee attends a demo, and another $300 when they start a paid subscription. Your reward(s) can either be in the form of a digital gift card to your choice of over 200 vendors like Amazon, WholeFoods, or Sephora, or exchanged for a 1-time discount on your current Endear subscription.

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Rewards For Them

Once your qualified referee finishes their 14-day free trial, they'll unlock 30% off their total Endear subscription for their first 3 months.

Why Brands Are Choosing Endear


Average return on the cost of an Endear subscription


Better conversion rate through Endear than standard email marketing efforts


Customers spend up to 81% more when they interact with a sales associate